Capitol Hill

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What Its Known For

Home to Chessman Park and the Molly Brown House
Trendy attractions including bars and restaurants as well as Wax Trax, a rare-press record store
Historical living options


Easy access to parks and Downtown
Access to historical/loft rentals


Limited parking
Loud traffic noises
Very high rental rates

Capitol Hill is one of our team’s favorite neighborhoods and an undeniably fun mash-up of timeless history and modern cool. It’s Denver’s most densely populated neighborhood which makes it insanely difficult to find parking on the narrow, crowded streets, but also ensures abundant opportunities for finding fun things to do and eccentric people to meet. Cap Hill is the perfect place for residents who prefer to walk or roll around on two wheels, with it’s easy access to grocery stores, unique bars, and restaurants worth obsessing over.

Get your caffeine fix at Subculture or Pablo’s coffee, spend a sunny afternoon at Chessman Park, catch a game at Capitol Hill Tavern, and/or meet your friends for cocktails at Hudson Hill. If you’re into brunch, be sure to check out Sassafrass and Jelly Cafe, and when the late night pizza cravings hit–because they will–Capitol Hill is generous with options like Sexy Pizza, Slice Works, and Benny Blanco’s. Music lovers rejoice, because Wax Trax has the best selection of vinyl and hard-to-find music in the city.

Home to the historic Molly Brown house, impressive (and slightly spooky) mansions and beautiful churches, the neighborhood overflows with vintage character and welcomes apartment renters with its array of complexes including new high rises, industrial lofts and older walk-ups.

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Walkable and historical charm. What more could you want?!

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