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What Its Known For

"The gateway to San Antonio's leading attractions" aka the area right between Sea World and Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and the home of the San Antonio Aquarium
In a total power move, Leon Valley went from neighborhood to incorporated city in 1952, after learning that San Antonio was planning to annex the area


The strong sense of community and quiet, suburban appeal of a small town


Limited selection of apartments
Car dependent

Finding an apartment in Leon Valley, Texas, puts you next door to the San Antonio Aquarium and right in the middle of Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Sea World—otherwise known as “The gateway to San Antonio’s leading attractions.” Being in the middle of all of the big attractions, you might think Leon Valley would be overrun with tourism. However, it is more known for its small-town vibes and quiet suburban living.

Before you start searching for Leon Valley apartments, keep in mind that it is a tight rental market, with a limited selection of apartments to choose from.

Leon Valley Area Overview

Leon Valley is a standalone city with a close-knit community that is surrounded by San Antonio. Like many other northern neighborhoods of San Antonio, Leon Valley transitioned from a proper San Antonio neighborhood to a municipality of its own, allowing its residents to control how their side of town is run. As a resident of this area, you’ll enjoy having separate police, fire, and other city services while still being connected to all of the amenities of the big city.

Things to Do Around Leon Valley & San Antonio

For a lovely Sunday afternoon, you may want to head to Raymond Rimkus Park, where you can do everything from hiking and biking to practicing your soccer kick or hanging out at the jungle gym. Lovers of the supernatural (or just great history), will also want to check out the Huebner-Onion Homestead, located on the outskirts of the park.

Other things to do around the neighborhood include regular visits to the San Antonio Aquarium, shopping at the nearby Ingram Park Mall, or grabbing a bite to eat at one of the local favorites. Martha’s Mexican Grill, Mesob Eritrean and Ethiopian Restaurant, and Machu Pichu Peruvian Grill are just a small taste of the global cuisines you’ll find in this area. And, if you prefer a more authentic ethnic dish, the San Antonio airport lies just eight miles away from Leon Valley, making it easy for frequent flyers to catch their next flight.

Finally, because Leon Valley San Antonio is surrounded by San Antonio and is accessible by Loop 410 and Loop 1604, it is easy for residents to quickly drive into denser neighborhoods for the best restaurants, bars, and entertainment. Within a few miles, you can find yourself in the heart of Downtown, in the middle of the medical center, or just about anywhere else you could want to be in San Antonio. Of course, you can also enjoy just relaxing in your cozy little corner of the city with tranquil suburban streets and quiet parks.

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A short drive from the most popular areas of San Antonio, this suburb is actually its own municipality and made up of a pretty tight-knit community.

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