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What Its Known For

A largely residential area, known for its many housing developments and apartment communities


Large selection of apartment properties
Suburban perks, like Costco


Long commute times in Downtown
Other than standard suburban shopping and dining, there aren't a ton of entertainment or nightlife options

The big city isn’t for everyone. If you’re more of a small-town person who needs space to breathe, you might find your new home in the peaceful and luxurious subdivisions of Stone Oak San Antonio. Stone Oaks is a relatively new addition to San Antonio’s neighborhoods and features master-planned construction, gated communities, and full-service apartment complexes.


Stone Oaks is noted mostly for upscale, luxurious and laid back Texas living that is within close reach to the amenities and entertainment of Downtown. It also has its own growing list of shopping and dining options. A plus side to apartment locating is that there is a surplus of Stone Oak Apartments to choose from. A potential downside is that its popularity tends to reflect in price with slightly higher rental costs.


Stone Oak Neighborhood Overview

With several ranches and an ambitious dream from a group of developers, teams broke ground in the first subdivisions of Stone Oak San Antonio in the late 1980s. Homes were built around a newly-developed golf course to provide residents with luxury living just outside the big city. Building the new subdivisions was a big risk for initial investors—and one that paid off. This area continues to be a staple in the growing interest and expansion of San Antonio’s Northside.

Prior to Stone Oak subdivisions, this area of San Antonio was free of any urban influence and was known for its open space and cattle farming. Now, communities, big businesses, and restaurants are popping up across the old farm fields, and more and more Texans are calling Stone Oak San Antonio home.

Things to Do Around Stone Oak in San Antonio

Living in Stone Oak, you’ll have to trade off the loud night clubs and the hip pop-up diners, for larger homes, quieter streets, and larger chain stores. However, while there isn’t an abundance of entertainment, there are still things to enjoy in Stone Oak.

One of the most popular activities is golf, which is literally what the neighborhood was built around. You might also want to check out Molokai’s Adventure Island for its indoor play center and arcade or jump into something fun at the House of Air Trampoline Park (you can even try your hand at jousting there). Stone Park residents are also close to the Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

Shopping is nearby at The Rim, or you can stock up at the local Costco—and to satisfy your cravings, grab a bite from Maggiano’s Little Italy, 54th Street Restaurant & Drafthouse, Salata, or Yard House.

Apartment Locating in Stone Oak San Antonio

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Stone Oak is the ideal suburb! All the necessities are within a short drive, and I can take easily advantage of San Antonio's various offerings without the noise, crowds and costs of living at the center of the city.

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