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What Its Known For

Rural setting with tons of parks
Palo Alto College and Texas A&M University-San Antonio
New additions to The Riverwalk


Convenient location just 15 minutes from Downtown
Access to The Riverwalk
Brand new developments


Still very "up and coming"
Limited selection of available apartment properties


Until recently, apartment options on the Southside were limited to a few properties dotting rural land just a stone’s skip from the San Antonio city center. However, with the southward expansion of the city’s famous River Walk, new developments and master-planned residential options have brought this area to up-and-coming status.


The Southside’s setting gives the area its unique flair and is a major draw for nature enthusiasts. Along with a ton of parks and green spaces, you’ve got a handful of trailhead access points to the San Antonio River Walk throughout the neighborhood. The Mitchell Lake Audubon Center is the go-to place for pulling out some binoculars and admiring wildlife—tons of birds make their rest stop here during their seasonal migration.

One of the most notable milestones of the ongoing Southside transformation was the construction of Mission Del Lago, a master-planned community overlooking a massive 18-hole golf course and several playgrounds and parks.

Living in the Southside puts you just a short commute from Palo Alto College and Texas A&M University-San Antonio. You’re also a quick 15-minute drive from the central entertainment hub Downtown!


As an early bird to the neighborhood, you can bear witness to its changes and be the first to try out all of the up-and-coming favorite spots. Our personal favorite part—you’ll also be able to take advantage of affordable rental rates and newly-built apartment specials.

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This area is rich in history and hosts a ton of cool art galleries, cafes, and thrift shops.

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