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What It's Known For

Its proximity to Lake Travis.
Home to more than 750 caves for exploration, and miles upon miles of hiking trails.
A highly-desirable suburban neighborhood.


You choose your electricity company since you're not restricted to Austin Energy
New and fresh shopping centers
Near Lake Travis


Far out from the city
Traffic can be heavy heading into Downtown

Located just 17 minutes from downtown Austin, Texas, Cedar Park is well-established. The community was founded in 1887 and incorporated as a city in 1973. Now the third largest city in the Austin area with a population exceeding 54,000 within its city limits, the City of Cedar Park attracts residents from all over the globe because of its unique charm, close proximity to Austin and the Texas Hill Country, and the beauty surrounding the Lower Colorado River Lake System. Cedar Park has 860 acres of park space and there is truly something for everyone here. If you like hiking, bicycling, water sports, live music, fine wine, great food, shopping, or any other activity, you will find it in or very close to Cedar Park. This town truly has everything to offer every individual!

Along with bountiful, lush parks, Cedar Park also offers some of the best local shopping in central Texas! When you shop and dine in Cedar Park, 2 cents of every dollar you spend stays in Cedar Park. It helps fund the thriving city’s parks, roads, and other city services. Plus it helps bring better quality, higher paying jobs to Cedar Park. By keeping it local, the city of Cedar Park is able to keep property tax rate low, all the while keeping quality of life high! So get those shopping bags ready and head over to Shops at Cypress Creek, Cedar Park Square or Shoppes at Lakeline Village for a little slice of retail heaven!

Cedar Park also offers some of the best local restaurants in central Texas. No matter what type of food you’re looking for, Cedar Park is sure to have something to satisfy! Whether you’re craving some authentic, down-home barbecue over at Mo’s Barbecue or delicious and hearty Tex-Mex at Camino Real, we can promise you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in Cedar Park.

The Cedar Park apartments listed below are great alternatives for people who want to be near Austin without actually living downtown. Cedar Park apartments are also great for working professionals who need to commute to Austin each day! Within Cedar Park’s city limits you will find great apartments with some of the highest-quality amenities, and our team has gone the extra mile to find special discounts that you will not be offered elsewhere.

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One of the more affordable suburbs and everyone goes to Cedar Park to get to the lake!

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