Far West Austin

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Avg Rent




Public Transportation


What It's Known For

Being a suburban area in the hills of Austin
A neighborhood that boasts beautiful landscape and gorgeous mansions


Close to Mopac and 360 access
Near Lake Austin
Access to the Lower Bull Creek Green Belt


Many older properties
On a high-traffic and congested area of Mopac
Higher prices and rising

Far West Austin is generally overlooked by people because it’s a small neighborhood, but we seriously love this area! Despite what the name might imply, Far West is actually not really that far west. It’s relatively close to UT and a short drive to downtown and the Domain.

It’s significantly cheaper than West Campus, North, and Central Austin. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, it’s a no brainer to live here. The UT shuttle runs directly into Far West, so this hood is ideal for students on a budget and it’s very safe! There’s an abundance of delicious restaurants close by including, Austin Terrier, Torchy’s Taco’s, Azul Tequila, and Saffron!

Far West is a short drive to shopping and thrifting at the North Loop and Hyde Park, and it’s just down the street from North Cross Mall where you can cool off at Chaparral ice rink!

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our friends say!

It's the most economical (economical is a relative term – it's still expensive) and decent neighborhood with close proximity to public transportation in downtown."

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