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Public Transportation


What It's Known For

Serving up Hill Country Vibes
Proximity to Lake Austin & Lake Travis


Easy access to Mopac
Close to the Lake
Newer properties


Not many apartments, mostly residential
Pricing higher than South Austin suburban areas

West Austin is known for its beautiful Texas Hill Country views, top-notch schools, great shopping, nature preserves/parks, and golf courses. Even though this area is pretty far west of central Austin, it still has quite the upscale feel. It’s the best spot if you want to live somewhere quiet while still having the perks of a big city.

West Austin is home to numerous popular dining areas like the famous Oasis on Lake Travis. The Oasis on Lake Travis promotes itself as “The Sunset Capital of Texas” with amazing views overlooking Lake Travis, and is also the largest outdoor restaurant in Texas! Other popular restaurants include Black Walnut Cafe, The Grove Wine Bar and Kitchen, and Hula Hut.

Being so close to Lake Travis and Lake Austin gives you so many opportunities for adventure out in West Austin. These lakes are a popular spot for boating, fishing and jet skis! Or if you’re into hiking and nature you can visit Emma Long Park! It’s also the perfect place for picnic dates and spending time with your pooch.

West Austin tends to be more residential with upscale houses and condos. Apartments here are a little pricey, but this is a great location if you want to be close to the city but still in the hill country!

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The laaaaaake! Who lives in Austin and doesn't love being close to the lake?

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