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Public Transportation


What It's Known For

Such good eats in this area!
Ample options for dining, shopping, and entertainment.


Easy commute to Round Rock or Pflugerville
Close to the Domain and Arboretum for eats, entertainment, and shopping
Housing is relatively affordable


Can be expensive closer to the Domain
Further away from popular local bars and coffee shops
Louder neighborhood

Not only is North Austin one of the most affordable areas of town, but it’s growing so fast! It’s the best spot if you want to live somewhere walkable without having to deal with downtown crowds or traffic. One of the most trendy areas in North Austin is the Domain! You can literally live in an apartment steps away from the Domain shopping center. Walk to Nordstrom’s, Coach, H&M, Kendra Scott, and TONS of other shops. Grab a bite to eat at California Pizza Kitchen, Kona Grill, Whole Foods, or Sushi Zushi, or chill at Top Golf all day. Apartments in the Domain tend to be pricier compared to other properties in the north, but for the most part, they are newer with a modern vibe and high square footage/amazing amenities!

The new Rock Rose area at the Domain has quite the downtown feel with new bars like Lavaca Street Bar, 77 Degrees Rooftop, and Apanas Coffee and Beer! Living at the Domain you can literally stumble home from your favorite bars and not have to worry about driving. On top of that, you can take the MetroRail straight to downtown!

Other cool spots in North Austin include K1 Speed, an indoor racing and go-kart center (for all you adrenaline junkies out there), and Yard Bar, the bar with a built in pup park! The list of things to do here are endless and you will definitely stay busy here.

North Austin has grown exponentially over the last two decades. Conveniently situated between Round Rock and Downtown, some great options for North Austin apartments have been constructed. The further North you travel, the newer the North Austin apartments are. If you stay closer to downtown, the North Austin apartments are older but are in a better location. Either way, Smart City Locating has experienced apartment locators to help you find whatever it is that you’re looking for!

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North Austin is highly accessible. New amenities in shopping and entertainment have allowed residents to stay closer to home rather than fight the ever-more-unpleasant Austin traffic downtown.

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