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4 Tips And Tricks For Decorating Your Dallas Studio!

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

Sometimes finding your dream apartment in Dallas that fits within your budget can mean sacrificing the space you so desperately want and need. From decorating to organizing, there are several tips and tricks we’ve found that really will help you save space, all while keeping your place roomy and inviting!

1. Utilize mirrors

Considered a “go-to” decorating tip from all the pros, using different size mirrors throughout your apartment will help make the space not only feel but also look larger. Think of it as a trick of the eye! Mirrors look great in living room spaces, kitchens and even in bedrooms.

2. Shrink down

We know, we know. That huge sectional is just so comfy and you can’t possibly part ways. But if you’re moving into a Dallas studio apartment, it is definitely time to reconsider the size of your furniture. It may sound simple enough, but you’ll be surprised how much of a difference having smaller furniture pieces will make! Trade in that sectional for an equally comfortable loveseat.

3. Cohesive color

Come up with a set color pallet for your entire place, even the bathroom, and stick to it! We aren’t saying use the same three colors throughout, but it’s definitely important to limit the crazy patterns and styles. Using solid, cohesive colors will help in adding depth to your cozy apartment. Dissolve the lines between two rooms by continuing a single color theme through both!

4. Organize and contain

It’s time to bite the bullet and head to your nearest Container Store (or even Target) and stock up on amazing space-saving containers and other nifty gadgets. Seriously, people! You will be stunned at how much extra room you suddenly have by simply stowing away those seasonal jackets and scarves in space bags.

By extending your color pallet throughout the entirety of your place and adding versatile statement pieces in place of larger, bulkier furniture, the overall look and feel of even the smallest of apartments will completely transform right before your eyes! We here at Smart City Locating have got even more tips and tricks up our sleeves, and we’re more than happy to help you find your next home, large or small! Who knew we could aid in interior decorating, too?

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