5 Celebrities You Might See Walking The Streets Of Austin

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May 29, 2017

Celebs in Austin seem like a dime-a-dozen when ACL, SXSW, or the X-Games rolls around, but what superstars call/have called Austin home?! Here are 5 celebs you might run into on the streets of Austin!

Matthew McConaughey

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Alright, Alright, Alright….. Who doesn’t love Matthew McConaughey?!?! Movie star, attractive AF, and most importantly- Native Texan. Austin, Texas as been graced with Matthew’s presence since 1989 where he attended the University of Austin until graduating in 1993. After moving to Hollywood becoming ridiculously famous, he came back to Austin where he now lives with his wife and kids. Matthew McConaughey is just like your average Austinite (expect he’s Matthew freakin’ McConaughey), you can find him shopping at a local grocery store, watching a UT football game, running around Zilker Park, or teaching a film class at UT!

Elijah Wood

Most famously known for portraying Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, Elijah Wood ditched the L.A. scene and has been a resident of Austin since 2013! You can find this mythical Austin celebrity and all around cool guy at his fav restaurants like Via 313, Uchi, Odd Duck, and Midnight Cowboy. You can also catch him at SXSW hanging with friends and fans! Everyone says he’s super chill and easy going, so don’t be afraid to say wassup if you see him out and about in Austin!

Brad Womack

Ladies this one is for you. Star of the Bachelor not only once- but TWICE, Brad Womack has lived in Texas since he was 12 and is an Austin native. After his two seasons on the Bachelor, Brad returned to Austin and now spends his time running Carmack Concepts- a company he owns with his twin brother and best friend. Carmack operates The Dogwood on West Sixth Street, one in The Domain, and another in Houston, as well as The Dizzy Rooster and The Chuggin Monkey on East Sixth Street, so Brad stays busy on the bar scene! Ladies- he is single! So, if you’re in the Austin area and happen to spot this bachelor, make your move!!

Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick- famous tennis player and native Austinite, and Brooklyn Decker- model/actress, have called Austin home since 2009 and have no plans of moving away any time soon. Andy says he will “never live anywhere else.” The couple spends a good amount of their time running the Andy Roddick Foundation, which is focused on closing the educational achievement gap by providing children with abundant opportunities outside the school day. Andy and Brooklyn are always looking for ways to give back to the community, so catch them at the next city fundraiser!

Willie Nelson

“There’s a freedom you begin to feel the closer you get to Austin, Texas.”  The city of Austin has been widely influenced by Willie Nelson and his music. One of his first performances (in Austin) in front of a mixed crowd of hippies and rednecks is recognized as the starting point of the modern Austin music scene. Willie lived in Austin for a while before moving to Hawaii (where he currently resides now) but he frequently visits and owns a ranch on the outskirts of Austin! Catch Willie at Stubb’s BBQ, Austin City Limits, or posing by his statue Downtown!


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