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6 Places To Celebrate Good Ol’ Dad

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Smart City
Jun 12, 2018

With June upon us, we start seeing those Amazon advertisements and store emails reminding us that Father’s Day is coming up.  Once you find the perfect gift for dad, the next step to celebrate is figuring out what to do! As we all know, Houston is a bustlin’ city, and Father’s Day is no exception.  Check out these ideas on how and where to celebrate the holiday with the OG Pops himself, complete with dad-puns and a cold one!

1) Saint Arnolds Brewery

saint arnold brewery houston

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Okay, you don’t really need a reason to go to a brewery, but Father’s Day makes a good beer in your hand an essential! This Texas staple is located just north of Downtown Houston and is closed on Sundays, but feel free to grab dad for a Friday or Saturday treat! Try their Amber Ale Bratwurst paired with their Amber Ale (obviously). Top off the meal with a Rootbeer float flight (uhm?! Three please!); you and dad are in for a great time!

2) Buffalo Bayou Brewery

buffalo bayou brewery houston

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Another great brewery to try out is Buffalo Bayou Brewery over in Washington Corridor. Bonus fact about this one is it’s open on Sundays! Perfect if you want to go to a few different hot spots throughout the weekend. For only $15, you get three beer tokens and a souvenir! What’s better than beer, a gift, and a good deal? Not much! Finish it off with good eatin’ with an on-site food truck and you’re set for a good Sunday afternoon.

3) Moon Tower Inn

Moon Tower Inn

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For the dads that like a good hot dog, but want to up the ante a bit, Moon Tower Inn is the spot for them. Moon Tower Inn, over in Eado, is a relaxed beer garden and burger/dog joint, but they’re most famous for their hot dogs. Meats varying from elk to rabbit to duck, you can guarantee both you and Pops will find something new and delicious to try that neither of you will forget anytime soon! Pair it with one of their 60+ beers on their tap wall, which includes most of the Texas beers. And don’t forget to bring the family dog!

4) Swanny’s Bar & Grill

Swanny’s Bar Grill

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We get it– sometimes you want to get away from the bustling downtown city of Houston, but don’t feel like taking a full-on vacation.  A solution for that is to take dad up to Northwest Houston to a family-owned driving range and a burger right after. Swanny’s Bar & Grill is the place for you!  Hit a bucket of balls out on the range, and then steps away, sit down for some Texas relaxation. This place is dog and family friendly, so make it a whole deal! Enjoy their homemade chips or a bucket of crawfish for a great price! Take advantage of this calmer, more laid-back time with the family.

5) Goode Co. BBQ

Goode Co. Barbecue

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If you were born and raised in Houston, you’ve probably eaten here before or at least seen the signs, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious! Goode Company has several locations all around Houston and even up in the Woodlands, so you don’t have to go too far for some Goode Barbeque (pun most certainly intended).  Not in the mood for barbeque? We’ll try not to hold it against you, but luckily Goode Company also has locations that serve seafood and other great entrees. A nice bonus is that you can order Goode Company take out and enjoy their food from the comfort of your own home! Be sure to finish off any meal with their famous Pecan Pie, but make sure to get enough for everyone, or you’re sure to have a frenzy on your hands!

6) Home!

Houston luxury apartment patio area

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Not up for heading out this Father’s Day? No worries! That’s what grills are for! Swing by a Target, grab a few six packs and some patties and have a timeless Texan cookout with dad.  It also helps to have a kick-ass outdoor lounge to fulfill all your Father’s Day desires without having to leave your place!! Places such as Marq 31 (pictured above), The Millennium Kirby, and so many others have great outdoor spaces, along with awesome apartments as well!  Looking to move soon? Call or text us at 713-482-1323 or fill out the apartment form, so we can get you started on your search!!


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