8 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Apartment For The Holidays

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Dec 1, 2017

by Audrey Swanson

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The holidays are here and we apartment-dwelling folks need some cheer in our homes, too. Even though most apartment units are smaller than an actual house, there are still plenty of ways to decorate your place to feel festive and warm this time of year, even without being able to hang stockings by the chimney or set up a full-sized Christmas tree from the lot.

But we get it, you don’t want to feel like your place is bogged down by Santa and reindeer fluff. It’s your home and sanctuary, and we’re here to let you know it can feel merry without the clutter and chaos! Pick a few of our fun decorating ideas and call it a (holi)day.

1) Mini faux trees are your friends.

Throw one on top of your kitchen island, dinner table or in the corner by the TV. It’s actually a little known fact that it’s against the law in Texas to have a real Christmas tree in an apartment (something about a fire hazard and whatnot), so hit up everyone’s favorite store, Target, and get a miniature-faker tree to decorate with twinkling lights and those ornaments your mom collected for you growing up.

2) Light up your life, er, uh your balcony railings.

A string of lights costs, what, six bucks? Whether you like the old-school bling of big colorful bulbs or more contemporary white icicles, pick up a couple boxes of them and lighten up your back patio in sparkling holiday style.

3) Add some green to the front door.

Wreaths are not only pretty easy to find and hang up, but also just pretty in general… So you agree? You think they’re really pretty? Pick one up from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, or take a whack at making one yourself with a simple little DIY project.

4) Pucker up under some mistletoe.

Y’all, this is the cutest, sweetest, simplest holiday decoration of them all. And who doesn’t want a prop that doubles as an adorable decoration and a way to get a little holiday lovin’? *hand raised emoji*

5) Hang ornaments from, well, anywhere.

Lighting fixtures, the ceiling, book shelves, door frames: You can drape these bad boys just about anywhere with a little help from some ribbon and perhaps a few scraps of packing tape.

6) Spruce up your windows.

Stick on some cutout paper snowflakes, or hang pine branches or lights from the frame. Whatever you do, you’ll be sure to provide some festivity for passersby outside as well as family and friends inside your abode.

7) Take advantage of surfaces.

Shelves, tables, counters and even vertical surfaces (i.e., walls) are simple spots to set or hang knickknacks like a snow globe and evergreen candle here, and a jar filled with peppermint candies there. But if you’re an anti-hoarding clutterphobe (like moi) you’ll probably avoid this tip.

8) Garnish mirrors and frames.

No one likes the mess of loose tinsel everywhere, amirite? It’s an OCD person’s actual nightmare, so instead of glamming your place up with this horrific sparkle explosion, get some tinsel garlands and drape them lackadaisically around photo frames and mirrors. Voila! Sparkles and shimmer all around to get your crib in the seasonal spirit.

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