Best Dallas Party Neighborhoods: Defined

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Smart City
May 27, 2017

Here in Dallas, we’re basically pros at having a good time. And luckily, we have a Texas-size array of options for letting loose, catered to every personality type and to whatever mood you’re in. Even though every neighborhood is unique, the D-Town nightlife scene as a whole offers a diverse selection of raging for you and your crew. Take a peek at what we’ve comprised as the best Dallas neighborhoods to get your freak on, and see which one tickles your fancy!

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Uptown, AKA: Young & Fun Central

College kids to young professionals flock to McKinney Avenue and its surrounding go-to hot spots, like the Katy Trail Ice House, a giant bar patio with picnic seating, big screen TVs, strong drinks and tons of shenanigans. One of Smart City’s real estate agents, Jessica Lewis, prefers Uptown for its mass assortment of bar-clubs, or what she’s dubbed  “blubs,” like the packed, two-story dance bar 6th Street, the edgy and hip Black Friar and the rockin’ country-meets-ragefest spot Concrete Cowboy.

Bishop Arts, AKA: A “Hang Out & Chill With Friends” Kind Of Spot

This mom-and-pop area has over 60 independently owned businesses, making it a solid, laid back option to grab a few brews with close friends and catch up. Who doesn’t love a mellow night out with your nearest and dearest? Some describe Bishop Arts as a small slice of Austin, which you’ll catch on to over Moscow Mules at the warm and weathered Local Oak, or while lounging on Ten Bell Tavern’s back deck. Or if you need a recovery from last night’s party, hit up Oddfellows for a mug of strong, freshly brewed coffee, chicken and waffles, and, obviously, a carafe of mimosas – duh.

Lower Greenville, AKA: Casual Day-Drinking & Rooftop Vibes

Ah, Lower Greenville; we love you. Feel at ease in this close-knit neighborhood with its simple walkability and all-around friendly faces and service. From the po-dunk, mixed lawn-chair scene at the Truck Yard (complete with a handful of food trucks and its own tree house) to the authentic Cajun cuisine and rooftop views at Dodie’s Reef (hi, Mardi Gras plans for next year), this low-key neighborhood packs some serious chill fun into its party.

Oak Lawn, AKA: Eclectic & Vibrant Community

Rage on with the diverse and never boring Oak Lawn crowd. Hit up the high-energy, super trendy Winston’s Supperclub for drinks and dancing to house and electronic music all night long, or stop by Station 4 on Thursday or Sunday night to view the area’s famous, popular and wildly fun drag show. For a less extravagant night out, head out to The Grapevine, a relaxed dive bar that boasts of a basketball court in its backyard and stunning rooftop views of downtown.

Deep Ellum, AKA: The Capital of Music, Art & Beer

And, let’s be real though, is there anything better than those three items? Whether you groove on down to the Index Fest – an Indie music festival held every September – or you tour the Deep Ellum Brewery, which books live bands to play on its outdoors patio, you’ll be able to embrace the hipster feels that this neighborhood embodies. With tons of craft brews, live music venues and creative atmospheres, this Brooklyn-esque area is one of the coolest corners of Dallas.

Knox/Henderson, AKA: Your Post-Workday Kickback

If the clock hits 5 and you feel an itch for a good time, head on over to the Knox/Henderson area. Have some friendly competition with pals over Jenga or video games at Barcadia. Get your nails done with the girls while sipping gin and tonics at Beauty Bar. Or catch the game on the dozens of big screens at Henderson Tap House over craft beers on tap! If you’re outdoorsy in that you like drinking on patios (like we are), this is the party-hood for you.

If you feel completely drawn to one or more of these, we don’t blame you. The Dallas ‘hoods have got it goin’ on, and we’re here to help you make a home in your favorite one. Make sure to call or text 214-586-0519 to let us find your new dwelling in close quarters – maybe even walking distance! – to the going out spot that suits you best. You can also peruse our easy-to-use apartment search feature to get a feel for property options in an area you have in mind! We are a totally free apartment locating company, and we are here and happy to help get you into your perfect place.


by Audrey Swanson

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