But First, Brunch.

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Smart City
Jun 8, 2017

Houstonians know how to have fun. So it’s no surprise that whatever late night party you’re attending will probably turn into a morning brunch. With so many fab choices in the city, finding your fave brunch spot can be tough. We got you, fam. Brunch is basically our favorite hobby. At the risk of overwhelming you with awesome-ness, here are just a FEW of our fave spots for brunchin’ around Houston.

Max’s Wine Dive

Not only is this place the bomb dot com to wine and dine at in the evening (Seriously, sipping wine on their covered patio while it rains? It doesn’t get more Houston than that.), it’s one of our favorite spots to brunch. Spiced Apple French Toast, Shrimp Breakfast Tacos, and the Fried Egg Sandwich are just a few of their specialties you absolutely have to try. Max’s also looks out for your health by offering bloody mary’s and build-your-own mimosas to combat that hangover headache. What could go wrong?

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Montrose: 214 Fairview St.

Weights + Measures

Instagrams ready, please. This restaurant/bakery/bar is honestly the cutest with industrial warehouse vibes. Forget the dream of owning a home, millennials, and indulge in some of Weights + Measures’ avocado toast. House smoked salmon and a daily omelette are also on the menu which you can pair with a glass of prosecco. Cheers!

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Midtown: 2808 Caroline St.


Cancel all plans for Sunday morning for the rest of the year. Hearsay has $12 bottomless mimosas. This chic brunch spot is in one of the oldest buildings in Houston. Indulge in Lemon Ricotta Pancakes and soak up the antique vibes. You’re honestly going to have to hit this place up pretty often because they change the menu every once and a while for funsies.

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Downtown: 218 Travis St.

Down House

This brunch menu is stacked, y’all. You will not struggle to find something you love at Down House and everyone who works here is super dedicated to what they do. The food and atmosphere come together perfectly for a chill weekend brunch experience you absolutely need. They offer breakfast crepes, chicken and waffles, and a breakfast taco plate we’re just drooling over.

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Heights: 1801 Yale St.

You can try to fight it all you want, but brunch is taking over. There’s nothing as satisfying as eating breakfast food at lunch time and giving it a fancy name so you don’t feel like trash for sleeping in late. Adulting can be hard, so spike your orange juice and let brunch get you through it.

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