Dallas Apartments: Star Wars Edition

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May 26, 2017

Everyone in our office (and the whole world for that matter) is super stoked for the premiere of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” We’ve been trying to watch the entire Star Wars series before it opens up on Friday like complete psychos. So, we started thinking. If each of the major Star Wars characters lived in a Dallas apartment, which neighborhood would they live in?


Hands down, Chewbacca would live in Oak Lawn. He definitely needs to live in an area that will offer him less restrictive breed requirements. We aren’t really sure if any apartments in Dallas allow wookies but they would definitely accommodate a celebrity like Chewbacca if he ever moved here. He probably likes to go out on the weekends and the Oak Lawn crowd is super laid back and welcoming. When it comes to grooming, Chewbacca likes to keep his wookie body and fur looking good and it just so happens that Ilume Park has a dog grooming station and a dog pool. It also has breakfast 5 days a week and Chewbacca likes to eat. A lot.

One bedrooms starting at$1289, two bedrooms starting at $2199. 1 month free for a 12 month lease or 2 months free for a 14 month lease.

Princess Leia

Ok, Princess Leia lives in Uptown at the Brady. She is after all, a princess. She wants the security of everything being right in her area along with great salons so she can get her famous buns quaffed on the reg. She lives in an amazing building with valet and concierge which comes in handy with her sharp tongue and intense demands. At the end of the day, she is just a woman with a cause and that cause is helping others. She  lives close to the non-profit foundation she runs but also enjoys meeting her girlfriends for brunch on Sunday afternoons. She isn’t too highbrow to travel outside of Uptown to visit Han Solo or her brother Luke on occasion though.

One bedrooms starting at $1915, two bedrooms starting at $3275 and the penthouse is starting at $12,500.

Han Solo

He’s out at a bar on Friday night buying the whole place shots and getting a million babe’s numbers. He’s ruff and tumble and rogue. What babe doesn’t like rough and tumble and rogue? He’s a man with a checkered past. He is, Han Solo. And he totally lives in Deep Ellum. Han Solo loves Deep Ellum for its individualist energy and on the rise atmosphere. When he stumbles out of Anvil Pub at 2 a.m. he moseys on over to Glazed and gets a bacon maple donut. Han has a heart of gold so he doesn’t just live in Deep Ellum, he goes hard for Deep Ellum. He hates how popular the neighborhood is getting but he refuses to live anywhere else. So much so that he refuses to travel to Oak Lawn for happy hour to meet up with Chewbacca. He makes the wookie come to him. His place is all man with exposed support beams and industrial vibes at Adam Hats Lofts. Plus, there’s plenty of room in Deep Ellum for him to park the Falcon right outside.

Lofts starting at $1170.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader without a doubt lives downtown in the penthouse of a high rise. Third Rail Lofts would definitely fit his style. He surveys over his city from his floor to ceiling glass windows while drinking a smooth cabernet. Darth Vader loves his place so much that he generally hates to leave. Favor delivery is basically his BFF. Although he likes to be at home, he does venture out for the occasional board meeting and hostile planet takeover. On the weekends he travels to the AAC where he has a private box and can watch the Mavs. He loves downtown because it’s bustling with big wig companies he can takeover. Hey, he can’t stray to far from his roots.

Studios starting at $1100, one bedrooms starting at $1600, two bedrooms starting at $2600 and the penthouse is starting at $3300.

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker is just a humble, small town boy with big aspirations. He’s from a far away planet called Tatooine so Luke likes to be a little further out when it comes to Dallas. That’s why he easily lives in Bishop Arts at Sylvan Thirty. Luke enjoys the homey vibes that remind him of his home that’s also mixed with the ambitious dream to make Bishop Arts a Dallas hot spot. Plus, it’s far enough West that he can still feel like he lives far, far away. His place has all the amenities he needs to stay fit and pool deck where he can practice with his light saber. Plus, he’s got some amazing downtown views so he can keep an eye on the city.

In-Town Leasing starting at $865, one bedrooms starting at $1271 and two bedrooms starting at $1662.

C3PO and R2D2

C3PO and R2D2 obviously share a two bed/two bath in the Design District at Avant on Market Center. Not only do they appreciate good design but they enjoy supporting one another so a two bedroom just made sense for them. We all know that R2D2 is the more likable and endearing robot of the two but R2D2 would never leave C3Po to fend for himself. They both love the quiet feel of the Design District but also like being close to the AAC. They’re avid Dallas Stars fans. C3PO enjoys playing video games and R2D2 loves beeping about how bad C3PO is at Mario Cart. Their space has concrete floors and stainless steel appliances which works out for them because they love good metals.

One bedrooms starting at $1155 and two bedrooms starting at $1805 with $1000 off vacant units.

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