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Go-To Dallas Hot Spots According To Dallasites101

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Smart City
Mar 22, 2019

Hey guys! It’s Lily and Kara from Dallasites101! We are super excited to announce that we will be working with Smart City Apartment Locating to put out a new blog every month in an effort to get you even more connected with the Big D! To kick it off, we want to take you around to our go-to spots. These are the places that have been longtime favorites, even before Dallasites101 existed, and the spots that we always take an out-of-town guest who’s never been to Dallas.

So what are they? Let’s find out!

El Come Taco


This hole-in-the-wall taco spot was one of the first places we ever tried tacos in Dallas, and it has stuck with us for five years now. It’s centrally located on Fitzhugh and pumps out some of the best authentic street tacos in Dallas! Make sure to order the Pollo a la Mexicana.

The Rustic


We love taking out-of-towners to the Rustic – it’s the best taste of what people not from Texas, think of Texas, that you can find right in the heart of Dallas. You get your live music, your Texas decor and your massive patio bar fix, all in one spot!

Katy Trail Ice House


Katy Trail Ice House was probably the first place we ever heard about when moving to Dallas. We were told we “had to go” and we of course, came to find out it is the quintessential patio bar and gathering place for happy hours, big sporting events and great weather days.

Meso Maya

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When people think of Texas, they think of two types of cuisine: Tex-Mex and BBQ. Meso Maya helps us knock out the former of the two, with its upscale food and beautiful restaurant in Downtown Dallas. Don’t forget to order an avocado margarita – it is delicious! And if you’re looking at the menu and don’t know what to get – the Boudin is out-of-this-world!

Odd Fellows


Brunch is a must when exploring Dallas, or on any sunny Sunday. Our go-to has always been Oddfellows, and no wait, even one that’s two hours long, will deter us from getting our hands on their fried chicken and waffles.


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As we mentioned above, BBQ is the other cuisine Texas is known for, so having a go-to spot in your back pocket when people come to visit and experience “Texas” is an essential! We love both Lockhart and Pecan Lodge, the two best known BBQ joints in Dallas. However, Lockhart Smokehouse takes the cake because its more off-the-beaten-path, aka it doesn’t have a long line with an hour+ wait wrapped around the corner.



Dallas has an iconic skyline, and we love HG Sply Co not only for its healthy, hunter-gatherer themed menu and fresh cocktails, but for its expansive rooftop with the most beautiful view! You can see the entire skyline, plus some, on top of their Lowest Greenville restaurant. The views and vibes  make it a consistent choice for us, whether it’s brunch, lunch, happy hour, or an evening out.

We hope our list inspired you to check out some new places and/or that it can serve as a to-do list the next time your family or friends visit from out of town, looking for the full Dallas experience. And if you want to find an apartment close to any of these awesome attractions, be sure to call or text 214-586-0519 or fill out an apartment search form, and get expert help from a Smart City agent.


Written by Lily & Kara, Dallasites101

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