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How To Tell If You Are An Official Dallasite!

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

Before you go telling people you are from Dallas, there are a few hurdles you have to jump through first. We don’t just let everyone say they’re a Dallasite! It takes many margaritas and bowls of queso to earn your red and blue stripes. Here are a few rites of passage you must undertake before you are a true Dallasite.

1. You have to tally up days drinking at Katy Trail for endless amount of hours.
2. You have to walk on Katy Trail for endless hours.
3. You have to crawl home on Katy Trail. (jk, not required.)
4. Have at least 2 Mambo Taxis at Mi Cocina.
5. Wait in line for Pecan Lodge BBQ, rain or shine. Trust us, it’s worth it.
6. Fill yourself with all the queso knowledge in all of Texas. Queso blanco. Queso with brisket. Queso covered enchiladas. The world is your queso.
7. Brunch every weekend like it’s going out of style. Our favorites are Breadwinners, Jonathon’s Oak Cliff and St. Anne’s.
8. Put ranch dressing on everything. We mean everything. Pizza? Celery? Ice Cream? No judgement from us.
9. Sit in traffic on every major Dallas highway. I-635? Traffic. I-75. Traffic. I-35. Traffic. Get ready to sit for awhile.
10. You know by now that if you don’t Uber, you better have cash to valet or park. This city is not messing around.
11. Make a full meal out of samples at Eatzi’s. You’re going to accidentally fill up on cheese spreads and crostinis before you realize it.
12. Check out a Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium. It’s not technically in Dallas but everyone thinks it is.
13. Take a picture with one of the “BIG” signs you see around town. Double points if you can hit all of them.
14. Hit up Mariano’s and enjoy a frozen margarita. They invented the frozen margarita machine right here in Dallas!


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