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It’s That Time Of Year Again…Spring Cleaning!

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Apr 11, 2018

Austin Spring Cleaning

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Open up your windows and let that Spring air in! We all know that Austin has some killer Springtime weather and that also means it’s the best time to get some deep cleaning done! There is no better feeling than coming home to a clean place and being able to relax. So, put a day aside to get cleanin’! Here is a list of tips that will help you get to those not-so-obvious spots:

Pick a room to start in! It may be easier to go room by room instead of doing everything at once. Remember, Spring cleaning is about getting into all of those nooks and crannies you don’t usually get to when you’re just picking up the place. Cleaning can be tedious, so throw on some good tunes and get to it!


Yes, dusting is no fun, but it is a must! Start high, get all of the dust and cobwebs off of the ceiling, molding, and corners. Then move to the middle, wipe down all of your shelves! Make sure you pick up all of your decorations and knick-knacks; that way you get the entire shelf and be sure to clean the decor along the way. Another big one is blinds, they collect dust like crazy, and they deserve a good cleaning now and then. Moving to the bottom, the worst part; baseboards! It makes a huge difference when your baseboards don’t have a thick film of dust on them. You may not notice now, but when you give them a good scrub, you realize how dirty they were!

Get Waxin’

Waxing can bring your old furniture to life! Wood can get dull over time with constant use, so make sure you show it some love. It will take some time, but you’ll be happy you did it. You can wax your non-wood floors too! Stone, tile, vinyl, and linoleum floors that have lost their luster can be brought back to life with the right wax or polish! And if you have carpet floors and rugs, shampoo and vacuum them. It can be worth it to rent a carpet cleaner from your local grocery or hardware store to do yourself or even call a service!

Wipe Down

This is for all the kitchens and bathrooms out there! Two areas that are in constant use that deserve some serious TLC. Let’s start with the kitchen; our appliances make our lives so much easier, but they can get real nasty. The stove/oven may have a “self-clean” button, but you’re still going to need to get in there and give it some elbow grease! Don’t forget about your dishwasher and microwave; give them a good wipe down inside and out. If you have stainless steel or nickel appliances, use a polish or cleaner! Now for the bathroom… It’s never a bad idea to get cleaner with bleach in it for the tub or shower (make sure you’re not wearing clothes you love). Clean the inside and the outside of your toilet, wipe water droplets and toothpaste from the mirror, and give the floors a good scrubbing!

This is a small list of Spring cleaning suggestions, but they are necessary! Grab your roomie or maybe your mom… And get cleaning! And when you’re done, be sure to light some candles. Everyone knows you light candles after a good cleaning session.

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