Kickass Austin Apartments Above Sweet Shops

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Smart City
May 29, 2017

For all you peeps who hate leaving your apartment to run errands, shop, or eat… this one’s for you! Imagine waking up on a cold and rainy day, STARVING and craving a hot cup of coffee. You dread the hassle of walking to your car and driving to the nearest restaurant because, let’s be honest, you’re hungover AF and the struggle is real. But then you remember you live in a kickass apartment above that cute little coffee shop and the dread fades to relief! What if everything else you needed was right under you or in walking distance to where you lived? Here are some places where you can live, dine, and shop all in one!

North Central Austin

Marq On Burnet is a brand new built property so you know it’s nice AF. Dining and shopping is just an elevator ride away, with shops legit on the ground floor of the property! Grab a drink or tasty snack at the Pour House Pub, or enjoy a relaxing massage at Spavia, all without even leaving the complex!! You can literally walk your pooch to Yard Bar in under a minute, and restaurants like Top Notch, Phil’s Icehouse, and Upper Crust Bakery are just down the street! This area is up-and-coming and so walkable.  

One bedrooms starting at $1275 and two bedrooms starting at $1600

East Riverside

Once you live at AMLI South Shore you will never want to move. Yes, seriously this place is that legit. This apartment has an exclusive member “perks program” that will save you so much money you won’t even know what to do with all that extra cash. Here are a few places to keep in mind: Baby A’s, CRAVE, Rocket Electric, ATX Pet Care, Paradise Cosmetic Spa and soooo many more. Another major “perk” is the 15,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor of the property. Wake up, walk downstairs, and shop til’ you drop!

One bedrooms starting at $1350 and two bedrooms starting at $1750


Call or text us at 512-815-2317 for the details on any of these, or fill out our online search form! Either way, we want to hook you up with a kick ass place to live!

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