Look Back At It (2019, that is)

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Lacy H.
Jan 3, 2020

January 1, 2020 to-do list:

  • Write the date wrong…multiple times.
  • Cue up a “2010’s hits” decade playlist on Spotify.
  • Reflect on the lessons, learnings and LFGs of last year.

2019 was a transformative year for us. We saw a more than 60 percent increase in the number of people we helped  (14,645 of you, to be exact). We added 71 new people to our teams. We moved into two new buildings in Austin and Dallas and had an amazing mural created by a *fabulous* local Austin artist. We collaborated with Dwell With Dignity to raise more than $6,000 and fund the apartment re-design of a domestic abuse survivor and her son; the list goes on.

It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, but we love what we do and we love who we help, and that trumps the tough days. We work our asses off and we’re resilient af, which is probably why we earned accolades like The Dallas Business Journal’s’ Best Place To Work; a debut on national lists like Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000, and had marketing efforts recognized by two professional advertising organizations!

Those aren’t pieces of recognition that we receive every year, the increase in the number of people we’ve helped was a wildly audacious goal, and partnering with Dwell With Dignity wasn’t just because. The special thing about 2019 and the reason it’s worth looking back at (ayyyyy), is that everything we did this year was a milestone, a foundation set for us to make what we do even MORE impactful next year, and the year after that! 

So, cheers to that, cheers to you (and you, and you, and you), and cheers to becoming the most trusted, most utilized and most referred apartment locators in Texas*. HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR!

*And eventually, the world


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