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Mac & Cheese: Bishop Arts Edition

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May 26, 2017

Parmesan. Gruyere. Cheddar. Coma. We are obsessed with mac & cheese. And the best way to experience mac & cheese is to go out into the world and eat so much that you end up hating yourself! Over the next few weeks we are going to compile a list of our favorite mac & cheese spots in some of the best Dallas neighborhoods!!


If you are into southern charm, white tablecloths and brunch with your family, Hattie’s is your next dining spot. Not only is it fancy and very delicious, their mac is the bomb. It is made with four different kinds of cheddar and served up in a piping hot dish, covered in toasted breadcrumbs. We suggest getting the bacon wrapped meatloaf with a huge side of the four cheddar mac & cheese. And then we suggest taking a long nap.


Ten Bells Tavern

Don’t be scared off by the amount of cats chilling on the patio because this dive bar is an impressive spot in Bishop Arts. Picture huge noodles lathered in delicious creamy swiss, sharp cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan. Now picture taking a bath in it and dying happily. That’s the Ten Bells mac & cheese. Try and catch the hatch green chili mac & cheese during September for an extra kick of heat!  If eating isn’t really your thing, you can also go by and indulge in their incredible drink specials.


Lockhart Smokehouse

Don’t be fooled by the ton of meat they’ll try and entice you with because you’re at Lockhart for a large mac & cheese. You don’t need burnt ends because you want cheese covered carbs! But in all seriousness, Lockhart does have some of the best BBQ in Dallas. Their mac & cheese has a thick old school flavor and it’s also available with jalapenos. We suggest going half plain and half jalapeno so you get a little bit of the bite without going all in.


Dallas Grilled Cheese Company

Okay, so this is basically the place for cheese lovers. Which we are so see you guys there. They also stay open late if you’ve got a cheese craving on a Friday night out. Plus, who doesn’t love a gourmet grilled cheese or mozzarella bites? The mac & cheese is a blend of four cheeses and topped with bacon. If you put bacon on anything it’s a win in our book!!


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