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Our Favorite Dallas Queso!

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

Queso is basically its own food group. We don’t think it really falls within the appetizer group because we are probably ordering an appetizer after we finish our queso. There have been numerous occasions where we’ve gone too hard on the queso (because it’s delicious) and then have not been able to eat our actual meal! But what makes a great queso? Is it the cheese? Is it the added ingredients? Or is the salty chips mixed with the creamy cheese that really sets it off? We delve deep into the best queso in Dallas. You’re welcome.

1. Braindead Brewery

It may be known for it’s craft beers but they also spoon out a delicious queso that’s sure to please anyone! BrainDead’s queso is made with asadero cheese melted in with a hash of ground beef, roasted tomato salsa and topped with salty crumbles of queso fresco, guacamole, and fresh cilantro. Be sure to wash it down with a yummy beer brewed on site.

2. Cafe Veracruz

It does a spin on the classic queso fundido. Chef Maria Rodriguez places chicken marinated in white wine & garlic, crumbled chorizo, and mushrooms directly onto smoking-hot cast iron, and follows with handfuls of shredded Monterey Jack. The cast iron comes out house and the cheese is always sizzling.

3. Avila’s

The layer dip at Avila’s pulls at our Tex-Mex loving strings. It’s made with creamy melted cheese, ground beef, spoonfuls of sour cream and a massive guacamole dollop. Don’t forget to keep your water glass filled to the brim. Their hot sauce will have you sweating all the way to church!


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