Plan It: 5 Apartment Decorating Tools We Love

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Feb 27, 2019

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It is that time again… time to freshen up your wardrobe and living space! Spring is coming and whether you’re simply rearranging or full on redecorating, let’s be honest, bringing your Pinterest dream board to life can be daunting and pricy! And we know you don’t have time or money to be wasting.

Don’t get discouraged, there are wonderful tools, diy projects and tricks to make any space feel like home. Plus, redoing your space has even emotional benefits, as it can be cleansing and therapeutic (especially after a traumatic event or break up).

So, instead of hoping your space comes together after endless prayers to the almighty decoration gods (West Elm and Ikea), check out these tips to help make any space your own and get’r done!

1. Personalized 3D Designs

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The world continues to amaze us with all the new technology and apps that help make life so much easier. We know not everyone has the means to hire an interior designer, but most wish they had the professional help breathing life into their apartment decoration dreams.

Apps like Modsy and Havenly allow you to get professional help without the hefty price tag. It costs just a small fee and is so simple! Take a style test online, upload pictures of your space and boom! you’re partnered with designers that create photorealistic renderings of what your space could look like after they’ve styled it. Once you pick a favorite look, get links to buy the items directly on the site or use it as inspo to find cheaper options.

2. DIY Design Platforms

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Having a professional design your space may not be for everyone. If you’re looking for more control, consider using websites and apps that allow you to be the designer.

Roomstyler does just that. Roomstyler has a 3D home planner tool to help you build out your space, add in furniture and even change the wall color. It’s super easy to use and they allow for photorealistic renderings. This website is a great source for when you want to see what your space will look like before doing all the work and spending that money.

3. Virtual Test Try

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Let’s take a moment to talk about how advanced stores are becoming and how technology is changing the shopping game. Target, Ikea and many others now have virtual reality which allow you to “try” furniture pieces before you buy it! With the help of augmented reality, you can visualize pieces in your home in real time, cutting back on those regretful rug purchases.

Target has also partnered with Point Inside, a virtual indoor map technology company. This means we can now see where you are in the store and how to get to items you’re looking for, faster. creepy or convenient? You decide.

4. Online Inspiration

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We all have apartment goals, saved pins and screenshot photos of what we want/wish our space looked like. So, why not try to recreate your favorite living room post?

Pinterest, Homify, Instagram and Google searches are definitely not going anywhere, at least anytime soon. These platform are a great resource when figuring out what you’re into. Googling mid-century modern bedrooms or minimalistic kitchens can get those creative juices flowing.

5. Showrooms

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Seeing is believing, but touching and smelling definitely enhance the experience. Showrooms and visiting brick and mortar shops allow you to get the whole experience before making any big purchases.

You never know if that throw pillow is scratchy or beyond soft unless you put your hands on it first. So, if you love a few pieces you’ve seen online and the VR testing doesn’t do it for you, we fully support going to see them in person before you buy.

Check ahead of time to make sure they have your desired piece in stock before making a trip out to the store. There are few things more frustrating than showing up and realizing that beautiful oat wood coffee table is an online exclusive.


No matter your decorating needs, take your time finding pieces that spark joy and can grow with you and your style. Remember, there’s no rush when making a space your own, but if you need help finding a new place to start, we are here to help! Fill out our apartment search form to get connected with one of our expert agents and your apartment search started today!

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