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The Best Bloody Marys In Dallas!

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

Everyone likes his or her Bloody Mary to taste a certain way. Some like it extra spicy, loaded with snacks like pickled okra and olives and some people are into a more toned down, fresh tomato vibe with extra vodka. Either way, one thing is for sure, they are the best hangover cure and it’s like drinking vegetables so it’s a win win either way. Here are our favorite Bloody Marys in Dallas!


This classic, urban bistro on Greenville has been around since 1972. Their well-executed $6 Bloody Mary won’t disappoint. It’s spicy and refreshing and they give you just the right amount garnishes to snack on! Be sure to catch them for Sunday brunch, you don’t want to miss it.



If you’re brave enough to venture over the bridge to West Dallas, Smoke is a favorite brunch spot amoung the West Dallas crowds. Their Bloody Mary is topped with what can only be considered a meal. Sausage? Pork belly? You’re in for a treat because they’ll toss just about anything in there. The chef came up with his own Bloody Mary mix that is delicious, gritty and filled with pickled vegetables the chef pickles in the restaurant!



To start off, Company Café uses jalapeño infused vodka in their Bloody Marys. In other words, we’re already off to a great start. Company café is all about serving fresh, delicious food with a healthy twist. And their Bloody Mary is no different. It’s fresh and made with excellent ingredients that are sure to wow your hung-over taste buds.



If you’re looking for a Bloody Mary that really packs a punch, look no further than Lounge 31. Try their Bangkok Bloody Mary that features soy sauce, Sriracha, wasabi paste, togarashi, and black pepper mix garnished with a large shrimp tempura and shishito pepper. Hello pallet cleanser. We’ll take 3.


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