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The Best Dallas Dive Bars!

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

It’s fun to spend $12 on specialty cocktails on your birthday or during a special outing but that’s about the only time it’s cool! Every other time we go out, we want to spend a cool $2 on PBR or take advantage of some awesome happy hours specials. The best place to do that is at a trusty dive bar! You know, a dark, less-than-immaculate spot usually dressed in kitsch, loved by locals spot! They can be hard to find but once you do, you’ll love your dive bar forever! Here our are favorite Dallas Dive Bars!!


Single Wide is the smaller version of the Deep Ellum dive, Double Wide. Single Wide is an equally amazing dive bar as well! Drinks are as low-brow as all get out, with house cocktails featuring such classic mixers as Tang and Yoo-hoo. Karaoke and bingo night can’t be beat. And you’re sure to be served by a punk rock bar tender whose clothes are held together with chains.


Windmill Lounge is beyond divey! It’s super-dark bar with a neon windmill that serves great classic cocktails. If you aren’t careful, you’ll drive right by it on accident! When it’s warm, regulars gather on the patio and enjoy the cool weather and tasty drinks. Karaoke lovers, take note: there’s rarely too long of a wait to sing at the Thursday night music night, so come prepared with several song options.



Cheap drinks? Super strong drinks? Bad furniture? Check on all those accounts! What other ingredients does a good dive bar need?! The vibes are awesome here so it’s the perfect equation for a good time! On top of all that, Tradewinds has quite possibly the best-worn shuffleboard table in Dallas, although that could just be the vodka talking!


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