The Best Hidden Bars In Austin

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May 29, 2017

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Did you ever wish you could live in the 1920’s during the Prohibition era and walk into a Speakeasy where you could drink in secret? Well you’re about to experience what it’s like to time travel, because Austin has some of the coolest hidden bars and speakeasy’s we’ve ever seen. These places are super exclusive and intimate. Some of them require a password or a code to get into which is what makes them unique. Get away from the crowds on Sixth Street and add these hidden gems to your Austin bucket list!

Floppy Disk Repair Co.

Don’t let the name fool you. What looks to be a place to get computer hardware fixed, turns out is one of our favorite secret spots. This hidden bar is right beside the infamous Handlebar (bar featuring a rooftop with fun games, photobooth, and a see-saw!) on the corner of 5th and Brazos. The only catch is how to get in. This place it kept a secret because they change the code to get in every week, and you can usually only get it through a friend of a friend. Walk into an intimate setting through beaded curtains and be greeted by the doorman. There’s also a red neon sign (snap a quick picture for the gram) that says “MMM… your hair smells pretty.” The drinks are amazing, the swing seats rock, and the intimate setting is unbeatable.

Garage Bar

Ever want to grab a street in a parking garage? Well in this Austin favorite, you can actually make that dream come true. This bar is tucked away in a garage on the corner of Colorado and West Sixth Street. All you have to do to find it is look for the sign that says “Cocktails”. This bar has an upscale setting despite what the title may make you think. There are also the most delicious drinks such as the “Indian Paintbrush” (sweet and fruity) and the “Forked Tongue” (spicy and bold).

Firehouse Lounge

Accurately depicted in the name, this firehouse turned hostel is another well kept secret in the heart of Austin. The firehouse was first built in 1885, and the hotel now keeps the aesthetic and ambiance similar to the original look. Not only is this a hostel, but it is also a hidden bar and venue. Slide the bookshelf (think Harry Potter) below the hostel to get into the private bar and enjoy live music, drinks, and good vibes only.

Midnight Cowboy

Located on infamous East 6th Street, this speakeasy is a quiet getaway from all the hustle and bustle. If you’re looking for an intimate and private bar with an old school feel, this is exactly where you’ll want to be. Their excellent hand-crafted cocktails and reserved seating make for an unforgettable experience. How do you get in? Simply look for a black door and press the buzzer that says “Harry Craddock”!


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