The Best Roasts In Town! Our Favorite Coffee Spots In Austin!

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May 29, 2017

Coffee is life. It gets us through the 3 PM slump and keeps us going during the middle of the week. Those coffee gitters are welcome if it means we aren’t falling asleep at our desks on Monday morning! When we go to the doctor, we may even lie about how many cups of coffee we drink each day on our forms. Here are the best coffee shops in Austin!

Multiple Locations

Medici’s has long had a reputation as Austin’s standard-bearer of coffee quality because they serve up the best shots of espresso and cups of jo in town. Even though many shops have popped up near Medici, it still holds its spot for damn good coffee. Our favorite location is in old Austin that still has that small town feel.


East Austin

Cenote is built into an old church and is one of the oldest buildings in the neighborhood so it has a ton of character. They have a solid collection of drinks to choose from and some very underrated breakfast tacos made with all local ingredients. If you’re feeling frisky, they also offer beers from Austin Beerworks and Real Ale plus half-off wine on Wednesdays!

North Loop

Epoch has a pretty extensive list of coffees, espressos, teas, and other drinks. We love it for a few simple reasons: it’s great, and cheap, and there’s not much more you can ask of a place! Plus, the crowd is eclectic and fun. From nerds playing board games to college students, you never know who will show up!



If you’re into the new “tap” local coffee trend, this spot is def for you. They have over 38 taps of craft beer and local coffee from Flat Track Coffee, Wright Bros. You can have a great cup of coffee before work and then wind down after work with a cold beer. The atmosphere is minimalist and easy so you can just focus on the yummy drink in front of you!


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