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The Most Bomb Bloody Mary’s In Austin!

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Smart City
May 29, 2017

Everyone likes his or her Bloody Mary to taste a certain way. Some like it extra spicy, loaded with snacks like pickled okra and olives and some people are into a more toned down, fresh tomato vibe with extra vodka. Either way, one thing is for sure, they are the best hangover cure and it’s like drinking vegetables so it’s a win win either way. Here are our favorite Bloody Marys in Austin!

Swift’s Attic Downtown

The make-your-own Bloody Mary bar thing is nothing new, but they have some top notch ingredients at Swift’s Attic!  The bar includes two types of Bloody mix, hot sauce, regular and/or stuffed olives, pickled okra, carrots, banana peppers, celery, lemon & lime wedges, spices, horseradish, green beans, pearl onions, jalapeños, cheese cubes, bacon AND some type of meat on a stick. That’s basically a full blown meal!

South Congress Cafe

South Congress Cafe serves a huge Bloody Mary with spicy mix, Tito’s vodka (infused with bell peppers, onions, celery, lemons, limes, garlic, and jalapeños), and served with celery, olives, and a pickled banana pepper. It can be pretty spicy so get ready for the kick.

Rio Rita on East Sixth

The Bloody offered by Rio Rita is one of the city’s most popular. You can choose from regular, jalapeño, or habanero-infused vodka. The Bloody mix is the perfect balance of tomato-y, salty, and citrus-y. You get crunchy celery, pickled okra, olives, and pile of banana peppers on their bloody!


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