The Most Insta-Worthy Spots In Dallas!

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

How unfair is the 21st century now? There are people who get paid guac by taking pretty pictures and getting a million likes. I mean, yeah, you and I are totally above that, but… it couldn’t hurt to up our Instagram game, right? Let me hit you with some tips: Here are the best Instagram worthy spots in Dallas that you can get your Valencia filter on at.


taco writing on wall

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Austin is cool. We get it. But Dallas has just as much going for it as those stinky hipsters!! We even have our own, “I love you so much wall,” except BETTER because, “I love tacos so much” is way more honest. Don’t play Austin – we know you love tacos more than you love bae. Here’s an even cooler detail, too; for every picture taken with the wall, Urban Taco will donate $1 to Ronald McDonald House! Super hip AND super charitable. Get mad likes and mad karma, homie.


cable bridge dallas

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The Dallas skyline is definitely one of the best (we think THE best, but we’ll let you be wrong if you want). Now, we all know about the Reunion Tower and the Omni, so let’s skip those basic photos. Snap a sick pic at the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, and tell the Golden Gate Bridge to eat their heart out! Our girl Marge does it better!


Giant eyeball in dallas

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Dallas can be funny AND beautiful; we’re like the Chris Pratt of cities. I mean, who else can make a 30 foot eye sculpture look cool? Take a ‘Gram at the humongous eye sculpture in front of The Joule, and make some use out of that eye emoji. #noemojileftbehind


the chapel of thanksgiving dallas

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The Chapel of Thanksgiving is seriously beautiful and awe-inspiring. You don’t have to be a pro to capture how freaking dope this spiral tower is. Give thanks to Dallas, give thanks to beautiful architecture, and give thanks to all the mad likes you’re gonna get.

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