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Top 10 Reasons You Need To Move Your Ass To Dallas

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Smart City
Feb 25, 2017

Recently listed as one of the top 15 fastest growing cities in America, Dallas is growing hella fast and people are moving here from all over the world. Why is the Big D such a sweet spot for amazingness? We’ve compiled the top ten reasons why it’s awesome and why you should be making moves in this direction. 

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1) Good Grub:

From an assortment of food trucks to upscale steak houses to hole-in-the-wall barbecue stops, we humbly brag that we’ve got it all. And the foodie scene is only expanding in D-Town! Original dining concepts are popping up all over, like the handmade, flavorful popsicle shop on Lower Greenville or the new farm-to-table restaurant in the Bishop Arts District.

2) Better Looks:

Dallas is just an attractive city, plain and simple, whether you’re looking at its people or at its views. The skyline was voted number one in the world by USA Today readers, so we’re obviously really, really ridiculously good looking, and who doesn’t want to be a part of that demographic? Don’t forget we have the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders too. Shwing.

3) So Many Job Opps:

The Dallas economy is freaking booming. There are jobs galore and plenty of options for both young and seasoned professionals to prosper. People are moving here in stampedes, and lucky for our newbies, brand-new stunning Dallas apartments are popping up all over town!

4) Artsy as F*&k:

Have you heard of the Dallas Arts District (which just so happens to be in the hub of our snazzy downtown with the world’s best skyline)? Say hello to cultured living with visits to the Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Center, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the AT&T Performing Arts Center and more at the nation’s largest arts district. After all, everything is bigger in Texas. We’ve got culture like whoa.

5) Pup Friendly:

With parks and trails planted all around town, your furry friends will adapt to the Big D seamlessly. Most apartment properties allow dogs for an affordable fee, too, and lots even have designated dog parks and runs for your pup to play onsite. Plus, Dallas has it’s very own dog park cantina (which obvi, we love to drink while our pups socialize).

6) Not Lazy:

Speaking of parks and trails, we like them. And we use them. (Even those of us without doggy friends!) Dallas activities don’t stop with running, walking, hiking and biking, though; get ready for plenty of options for barre, cycle, pilates, yoga and Crossfit classes here in Dallas! We love plenty of variety when it comes to our social sweat sessions.

7) Diversify your Partying:

There is a list of unique, nichey neighborhoods around Dallas, and each offers its own highlights for nightlife variety. Hit up Deep Ellum for more of a hipster, Brooklyn-of-Dallas feel, or head to the Uptown bars and clubs to hang with the young, wild and affluent. Knox/Henderson, Bishop Arts, and Lower Greenville offer their own laid back vibes, too. (We’ll do a separate blog next week on the best party spots for your specific style of raging.)

8) No Snow Shoveling:

Welcome to the city of cooler-than-summer-but-never-below-30-degrees winters. Yeah, we’ll get the occasional snow bluster or thin coat of ice during the chillier months, but the perk of that mild inconvenience is that the entire city likes to shut down for three days with any sign of threatening weather. We don’t do snow.

9) Patios, Patios, Patios:

Sitting in the sun, sipping cool beverages and nomming on chips and queso is kind of a mandatory specialty of anyone who dares to bear the Dallasite name. Patios are one love. They offer socializing under the sun, as well as a healthy dose of vitamin D, and luckily, Dallas has no shortage of them.

10) So Central, It’s Insane:

Y’all, not to sound self-absorbed, but we are pretty much the center of everything (geographically!). A three hour drive to Austin, a three hour flight to Los Angeles or New York, nonstop flights to Europe and Japan: This location might be as close to perfect as you can get.

Once you decide this is totally the place for you (and we assure you, it is), give us a call or say hey in a text to 214-586-0519 and we’ll hook you up with an apartment that is personalized to fit all your needs! Or, run a quick search on our website to get a feel for things before reaching out, and we can go from there! PS we’re a free Dallas apartment locating service; find out why we’re better than the rest here.

by Audrey Swanson

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