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Why Fall Is The Best Time To Look For An Austin Apartment!

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Smart City
May 29, 2017

First and foremost, touring in the freezing cold or the blazing heat is honestly a nightmare. It’s hard to focus on the apartment when you’re either kicking yourself for not bringing a jacket or too nervous to lift your arms up because wow, sweat. And don’t even get us started about winter. Imagine, you are just snug as a bug in a rug, ready to press “continue watching” as you barrel into the 5th consecutive episode, and you realize you literally HAVE to go out into the brutally cold weather. Why, you ask? Because you have to go pick out the next place you will watch an ungodly amount of Netflix in when your lease is up next week. But hey, never forget that when you are looking for an Austin apartment with Smart City, not having to leave your couch cocoon is always an option.

Just think, right now you could be curled up in your covers watching Netflix while we do your apartment search for you! And even when fall weather gets crazy like it did today, we can be doing all of the legwork for you! Sometimes we can even video tour an apartment for you! We work with plenty of different types of clients and we understand that many people like to see the apartment themselves, feel it out, spend 20 minutes figuring out which way the couch should go and all that jazz. Our locators also have a knack for hopping on the phone with a client and getting a genuine grasp of exactly what they’re looking for within minutes. We have clients who lease a place without even looking at it because their decision is based solely on trusting us!  We’re all about going the extra mile for our clients. Austin apartments are just so beautiful we love showing them to you!

The biggest reason fall is the best time to look for an apartment is because winter prices are incredible! Not all prices are going to go way down, but we definitely see an influx of specials like one month free or waived fees meaning you get to take a place off of the market fo freeeeee! But remember, this isn’t the norm for all apartments, we just see it a bit more during winter months. Summer prices can be tough and competitive, mainly because of the timeline we all got stuck in after graduating college. If you’re sick of having to load a UHaul in 100+ degree weather and paying super high summer prices, tell your apartment locator that you’re interested in pricing on a longer lease term. Typically, prices jump up when you sign anything less than a 12-month lease because a full year term is the standard and ideal time frame. All that to say, if you start looking in the fall, you’ll be ready to jump on the deals we find in winter!

If you’re one to jump on opportunities, winter pricing will be your favorite thing because no one really likes to move around the Holidays, meaning you and your wallet will majorly reap the benefits! If you endure what many are not willing to, you’d be surprised how much it can pay off.

If you’re looking for an apartment this fall then let us do the legwork on your next lease! Give us a call or text at 512-815-2317 or fill out one of our apartment search forms for more info and to set up a tour today!


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