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Why Having An Apartment In 78704 Is Like Ruling The World

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May 29, 2017

Why Having an Apartment in 78704 Is Basically Like Ruling the World

It’s no news that 04 is the coolest place to live, eat, play and just simply be in Austin.  So, since we all already know that, let’s review the top 3 reasons why:


What better way to get a taste of all the shopping SoCo boutiques offer than an open house/block party set up every first Thursday of the month?  While some boutiques offer discounts for the occasion, others may offer drinks and samples!  Restaurants and bars get in on the fun too with drink specials!  If you decide you can’t live without a vintage pair of jorts this month, fear not, SoCo’s got your back.


Austin’s own, Zilker Park, is home to this casual and comfortable way to enjoy the Austin music scene.  Every other Wednesday this summer, KGSR host’s the largest free concert series in ATX!  Music starts at 8pm so bring your blankets and all of your folk.  Can you imagine walking from your apartment, blanket in hand, to chill out to music with your buddies?  Dream-worthy, in our opinion.  Check out our list of apartments near Zilker here to make this dream a reality!


There’s nothing like grabbing an honest drink around the corner from where you live.  We LOVE places like Crow Bar, Doc’s Motor Works, Red’s Porch and Trudy’s.  Be sure to check out Red’s Porch on the weekends, too, for $1 mimosas.  They are basically paying you to drink at that point.  Additionally not to be missed, the Trudy’s style martinis.  Any drink in Austin with a two drink maximum sounds like a guaranteed good time in our book.


Plain and simple, 04 is great for old Austin weirdness.  This is the birthplace of what made this town the funky place it is today that has drawn people from across the world.  Perfect example and SoCo favorite is Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds, where you can relive the days when Austin started becoming weird with vintage clothes and accessories galore.  The clothes have a way of telling a story in a totally poetic way, or you know, they are a great place to snag something for a theme party too. Threadgill’s pecan crusted chicken is just downright important and Continental Club’s has been called the granddaddy of local music venues.  Last but not least, Uncommon Objects is crazy awesome and the place to go to find all of the things you had no idea you needed.  It is Austin personified and it is greatness, be sure not to miss it.  What is there not to love about this neighborhood?

If you are interested in finding an apartment in this area or just in Austin in general, give us a call/text at 512-815-2317 or fill out one of our apartment search forms for more info and to set up a tour today!


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