Why Is Apartment Locating A Free Service?!

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

Smart City is here to break all your preset notions about the word “FREE.” When we mean free, we mean it’s def free and there’s no catch!! REALLY, there’s no catch! Here’s why!

We are a free apartment locating service. How? Because apartment complexes have advertising/marketing budgets and our commissions are paid FULLY by them — NEVER by you! We aren’t out to get your money BUT we are out to get you an apartment that you love. The only thing we ask of you is that when you’re filling out your application for your new digs and they ask you how you heard about this place, you put your locator’s name down!


We LOVE helping people find apartments that not only fits within their budget, but that exceeds their needs and wants. It’s hard to just drive around looking for the best place on your own, or even know what questions to ask when you walk in the door to a place that catches your eye. We’re here to help you through every step of the process — from determining a price point, to deciding how important pet policies or certain amenities are to you. We have so much practical information at our fingertips and we know the stuff you can’t find on any website.

When it comes to the low down on all the best properties around here, we got it. While all the information can make others dizzy and feel overwhelmed, it gets us all fired up. We LOVE learning more and more about every apartment around here! Plus, we call these properties every single day so we are always well informed about the best deals in the area!


And why are we different from the 1000s of other apartment locators? We won’t just send you a list of generic properties after we click a few buttons on the internet. We are different because we call every single property to find exact availability for your move in date, we take into consideration what you are looking for, and guide you into a place that fits your needs. If you’re unsure on neighborhoods, we can help figure out which one will fit you best. We have relationships with properties so we know who has great management and who doesn’t. We have placed thousands of clients, so we know if a property has high electric bills, or paper thin walls, or crappy parking. We are full of inside information that can help get you into the best possible place for YOU!


So, maybe you’ve seen our Instagram @smartcityapts_atx or heard of your friends using us, but now it’s time to give us a call and let us help you find a stellar new place to call home!

Start the journey with one of our apartment search forms, or just give us a shout via call/text at 214-586-0519 (Dallas) or 512-815-2317 (Austin)…we are stoked to help you find a sweet place!


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