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Why You Should Rent an Apartment In The Fall/Winter

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Smart City
Sep 10, 2018

Moving in the colder months, Psh! Who does that?!

We do. Hear us out…

Sure, moving in the Fall/Winter may not be as popular as a Summer move, but it definitely has it’s perks! Whether you’re looking for a new apartment, your own place, or relocating to Dallas for a new job, here are 4 reasons why you should rent in the Fall or Winter.

Demand is Lower 

Many people choose to move in the summertime because there’s more time on their hands. School is out, the days are longer, and we’re looking for any excuse to use that PTO. When the season ends, most people settle into their routine (school, work, etc.), and the demand to rent slows way down. This is the time to strike while the iron is hot, and save some serious cash!

with a lower demand, rent is generally cheaper in the Fall; and if you really want to save money, consider a 15 month lease. Longer leases are typically lower in price and if you sign at the right time, it can end the following Winter, thus saving you more money on your next move!! Win, win.

Serious Specials

Trendy Summer moves = slow Fall/Winter rental market = sweet, sweet deals and specials. Lucky You! Properties NEED to lease their units, but no one likes to move during the holidays, so it’s common to hear about deals intended to generate traffic like, “Two months free,” or “Don’t pay rent until January 1st!” This is NO JOKE! It’s only mid-November and we’re hearing a ton of these deals pop up, so be sure to follow our Insta: @smartcityapts for our favorite specials on the reg.

Packing and Moving is Just Easier

Packing could easily be considered one of the worst parts about moving, am I right?! Although we haven’t found a way to eliminate the packing process completely, doing it during the holiday season can be FUN. Pop open a bottle of wine, light a pumpkin spice candle, turn on a holiday playlist (helloooo J. Biebs’ Christmas album and Mariah, obvi), and start packing! I know what you’re thinking – it sounds like a date… but with chores. A productive date doesn’t seem like such a bad thing tbh, so why not invite bae or some friends over for a night in (bc Winter) and get it done.

Plus, if you’ve ever had to move in the Texas heat, we’re sure you promised yourself you would never do it again; KEEP THAT PROMISE! Weather is a great reason to go against the trend and move in Fall/Winter. When the air is cool and there’s just enough sunlight to see what you’re doing, moving can be comfortable (minus carrying a couch up the stairs–PIVOT!). So seriously, do yourself a favor and move when it’s cool outside!

Brand Spankin’ New Apartments

We love new properties! They’re shiny, clean, and offer the best amenities. Because Dallas is growing so fast, new apartments are opening every season. Translation: you’ve got a ton of options if you’re looking for that new new. Bonus points, you’ll be the first person to suds up in the bathtub and burn a frozen pizza in the oven (it’s basically a right of passage). New properties shamelessly want you to lease with them and fill their units, so deals and signing perks are v common. We know about all of the properties opening within the next few months, so keep up with us as we share their specials with you on our social media accounts!

In all seriousness, Winter and Fall are the MVP of move dates. The best part? We’re here to help find you your new pad with expertise and our unique ability to cater to each individual client for absolutely zero dollars. Yeah, you read that right–Smart City is a FREE service! Call / text us today at 214-586-0519 or fill out our online form and we’ll get working on finding you a new home to move into before next summer!

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