You Get A Townhome And You Get A Townhome! (Oprah Voice)

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

You get a townhome and you get a townhome!! (Oprah voice.) Man, that would be the life.

But on a serious note, if you’re looking for a more homey feel in your apartment, look no further than a Dallas townhome. Except this homey feel doesn’t come with bad carpet and old appliances. These townhomes are top of the line and boast some of the best features.

Townhomes are great alternatives to a regular apartment unit because they are often split level apartments that have private yards or private garages. It’s like getting your own home without all the pressure. Who really wants to mow their own yard anyway? Plus, they are great for families or multiple roommates because they are spacious and laid out well. So if you’ve got the extra buck to spend and you don’t want to commit to buying a house, townhomes are definitely your calling. Here at Smart City, we know of the best townhomes in the city so check them out below!


Loft + Row was built in 2015 and is beyond beautiful. Conveniently located in central Dallas and built with the most beautiful details including granite countertops, wood plank floors, stainless steel appliances and LEED certified appliances. All of the townhomes come with attached two car garages, full size washer and dryers and islands in the kitchens. Some units even feature private fenced in yards! Go ahead and drool over the photo.

dallas luxury apartment

Two bedroom townhomes starting at $2655 and three bedrooms starting at $3200.


If you’re dying to be in Uptown but can’t actually afford Uptown, Oak Lawn is the next best option. 4110 Fairmount is in the heart of Oak Lawn and features granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and walk in showers in some units. Their gym is awesome and even has a stairmaster! You workout fiends are all saying hallelujah right now! Plus, they have a lap pool and a sunbathing pool. Who doesn’t want two pools? More really is more! The townhomes feature private garages and spacious floorplans so invite the whole family because you are never going to live anywhere else!

dallas luxury apartments1

Two bedroom townhomes starting at $2795.


If you’ve ever been interested in the State Thomas area, this spot has the perfect townhome for you! Manchester State Thomas offers something for everyone: spacious townhouses, historic architecture of the Brownstones, and the contemporary style of the City View Flats. The area is very walkable and pet-friendly so it’s great for the whole family or your roommates. Plus, it’s walkable to bars and restaurants and close to Mckinney Ave and all it has to offer. Some townhomes have one or two car garages, washer dryer connections, walk-in showers and hard-wood flooring.

dallas luxury apartment

One bedroom townhomes starting at  $1872, two bedroom townhomes starting at $2323 and three bedrooms starting at $3769.

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