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What Its Known For

What used to be a less popular, punk-rock pocket of Dallas, Deep Ellum has transformed into one of the most favored neighborhoods in the city.
Adorned with bright, expansive street art, and fueled by trendy restaurants, cocktail bars and boutique shops that draw in both local and tourist crowds alike.


Insanely walkable
Immense bar and restaurant scene that continues to evolve
Tons of live music, ranging from large venues to small stages in varying genres


High rental rates
Heavy traffic and limited parking
Frequent road closures for events

Living in Deep Ellum

If you’re looking to live in the middle of everything that makes Dallas great, then let Smart City Locating connect you with apartments in Deep Ellum. Historic Deep Ellum has been a cultural center for Dallas since 1873, drawing musicians, artists and beer crafters alike! Located just east of Downtown, this hip urban neighborhood prides itself on living local. Get ready to come home to a community that pits urban gardens next door to hip venues and independently owned restaurants, because sustainability and local development are vital to this area.

At night, Deep Ellum gets lit up like 6th Street in Austin. It is one of the trendiest places in Dallas for nightlife. And get ready to immerse yourself in local music because the scene in Deep Ellum is one of the hottest in the area! Live music venues like Trees, Prophet Bar, and Bomb Factory showcase talented artists, local artists, and also some of the most popular bands/pop artists/DJs in the world.

Deep Ellum is the kind of place where the parking meters are only active at night. If you live in Deep Ellum apartments, you’ll have front row access to live music and events like the Big Folkin’ Festival, a weekend folk-fest that supports local folk music, and the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, a three-day art-a-palooza that Culture Map Dallas named one of the five best annual events in Dallas!

We mentioned the food, right? The hardest part about finding something to eat here is deciding where to start first. From fine dining to pub fare, Deep Ellum regularly rates high on local “Best Of” lists. For a true Smart City pick in this area, head to Local. Order the seven-course chef’s tasting menu. It’s our favorite meal in Dallas. Oh, and donuts. WE LOVE DONUTS. Glazed is open late night and is one of the best donut shops in the city. They have a glazed donut bacon grilled cheese. Yes. It’s amazing. Other foodie options include Filament and Pecan Lodge for famous Dallas barbecue.

Deep Ellum’s location is one of our favorites. It’s central, cheap Ubers everywhere, across the street from Downtown and has easy access to the highways to get you where you need to be. Plus, you can find Smart City headquarters in this neighborhood, because we love trendy lofts and local restaurants!

Deep Ellum’s rich history can be seen throughout the neighborhood, with classic storefronts centered around a few main streets.

Finding the Perfect Apartment in Deep Ellum

Whatever you’re into, Smart City Apartment Locating can find you something awesome in Deep Ellum. We know how frustrating searching through online listings or scouring the “For Rent” signs outside of properties can be. That’s why we’re here to do the legwork for you. We have the inside scoop on the best apartments, lofts and more in Deep Ellum.

When it comes to Deep Ellum apartments, expect character. You’re going to find more than cookie-cutter options in this neighborhood — the area is best known for its industrial lofts and spacious floor plans. While the neighborhood isn’t often recognized for higher end or brand new properties, you can still find plenty of pads with modern upgrades — even trendy loft spaces with amenities like stainless appliances or contemporary track lighting. But with its quick growth — a new-restaurant-opening-every-other-week kind of vibe — the neighborhood is building new apartment complexes on every empty lot they can find.

When you turn to Smart City, we take the time to get to know what it is you’re looking for. Our agents are real people who you can call or text if you want to know more about the great options in Deep Ellum. They will take your criteria and find you the place you’ve always wanted. Believe it or not, our services are completely free of charge. That’s right — you don’t pay a dime. Once you find your apartment or loft, simply list us as your referral. Everybody’s happy, and we get to keep our lights on. It’s a win for you, the property, and us.

Once you’re ready to find your Deep Ellum abode, browse our selections below. And if you don’t see anything that suits your fancy, that’s just fine. You can call, text us, or fill out our online form so we can find you even more great options. Let’s get started today!

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If there was a declared music district in Dallas, it would be Deep Ellum.

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