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What Its Known For

Lower Greenville boasts a high concentration of bars and restaurants, making it a popular date night hot spot.
Often sought out for it's energetic patios; be they rooftop or dog friendly.
Given the name, Lower Greenville is notorious for celebrating St. Patrick's day in style with an annual parade and block party.


Extreme walkability
Popular retail stores/entertainment venues like Trader Joe's and the Grenada Theater
Overflowing with shopping, nightlife and dining options


High apartment demand, but low supply makes rental rates more expensive
Extreme popularity causes heavy evening/weekend traffic and parking limitations

Living in Lower Greenville

Lower Greenville apartments are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the nightlife, fine dining and shopping in the “Big D.” One of Dallas’ eclectic neighborhoods, Lower Greenville is known for its organic grocery stores, fun bars, fine dining and concert venues. If this sounds like your dream neighborhood, then it’s time to let Smart City Locating help you find your next place in this unique locale.

Greenville Avenue used to be one of the most important roads in Dallas, serving residents in the same manner that Highway 75 now does today. As time went by, the Lower Greenville neighborhood developed into a thriving and trendy area for people to come out and hang with friends.

Patio bars are increasingly popular, with restaurants such as HG Supply Co, where you can get a meal if you’re on the Paleo Diet, or stop into the Sundown at Granada for some dinner before catching a show at the venue next door. All types of businesses have started flocking towards the area, including salons, bars, restaurants, boutiques, real estate companies and more.

For fine dining, check out the Grape Restaurant or St. Martin’s Wine Bistro for some jazz piano and delicious creamy brie soup (it’s delicious, trust us). Or get in your Cajun fix with some crawfish at Dodie’s Café! Either way, Lower Greenville has a ton of restaurants that should be on your Dallas restaurant must-try list.

One of our favorite spots is called The Truck Yard. It’s a huge outdoor backyard style seating where you can get a ridiculously delicious Philly Cheesesteak and enjoy a Moscow Mule while listening to live music. There’s also a tree house patio you can chill out on! And right across the street is the famous Trader Joe’s grocery store, where you can grab some grub on your way home.

Finding a Kickass Apartment in Lower Greenville

Do you want to live near all the happenings in Lower Greenville? Call Smart City, and an apartment locator can help you find apartments near Lower Greenville today. This is one of our favorite places to be if you’re a new Dallas transplant. There’s a great amount of community here, without missing out on all the best city-life offerings.

Searching for that perfect place may seem like an impossible dream. But we’re here to make sure you get all the items on your apartment wishlist checked off.

Lower Greenville has a lot to offer, and so do all the Lower Greenville apartments we have listed. Whether you’re a student, a recent graduate, a young professional or you simply want to network and have a good time, Smart City Apartment Locating recommends checking out our apartments in this kickass neighborhood.

Walk to all your favorite bars and restaurants, and enjoy those beautiful sunny days walking down Greenville Avenue. Plus, you’re still near the city — so nothing is too far away! Properties near Lower Greenville are mostly on Henderson, and they have the luxury finish look that still come with an affordable price. State-of-the-art fitness centers and resort-style swimming pools are a norm these days, and we can help you find the exact property that you’re looking for.

Whether or not you discover your apartment on our site, we want to be the ones to help you find your next place in Lower Greenville. By filling out our online form, we get to know a little bit about what makes you tick. What features, amenities and design layouts speak to you. Then we’ll have the info we need to give you a variety of options to choose from.

If you think our services will cost an arm and a leg, you couldn’t be more wrong. We do all that work for you, and you don’t pay a thing. Once we find you, your amazing new Lower Greenville apartment, list us as your referral. Then, the property will know to pay us out of their marketing budget. They get a tenant, you get a place you love, and we get to pay our bills this month.

If you want to call Lower Greenville “home,” there’s no time like the present. Search through some of the places below — and if those don’t float your boat, give us a call or shoot us a text. We’ll find you a killer apartment in no time.

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You're not really a Dallasite until you've had a green beer and been pinched on the arse at the St. Patty's Day block party in Lower Greenville!

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