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Dallas McKinney Allen luxury apartment kitchen and living room
Dallas McKinney Allen luxury apartment living room
Dallas McKinney Allen luxury apartment kitchen
Dallas McKinney Allen luxury apartment living room
Dallas McKinney Allen luxury apartment bathroom

What Its Known For

A fun-for-all suburban haven, blending McKinney and Allen into one major community
Charming character and Boutique shopping in Historic Downtown McKinney


Very affordable rental rates
Easy access to major highways
Less than 20 minutes from the Ikea in Frisco


Very limited entertainment and nightlife
A far commute to and from central Dallas on extremely busy highways

McKinney is a northern suburb of Dallas — like, really north. And it’s growing quickly! People are moving from the city to find more affordable areas and brand new apartments in McKinney are popping up everywhere.

We’ll be real with you: the McKinney area is not-so-secretly referred to as ‘Oklahoma’ by those in the city. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you can get from McKinney to downtown in 30 minutes. You can’t, haha.

So what is there to do here? There’s a mall, of course, and your usual suspects in the ‘burbs (i.e. Target, Walmart, Michael’s). But there are cool things to do, too! There’s a cute cafe – Snug on the Square in McKinney that Yelpers favor. Also in McKinney is Landon Winery – easily worth a visit. A wine tasting is never a waste of time!

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Downtown McKinney feels like the small town from any one of Lifetime's holiday movies.

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