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$1199 Energy Corridor
1 day ago
1 bed
1 bath
677 sqft
$1875 Spring Branch
2 days ago
2 bed
2 bath
1040 sqft

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Everyone at Smart City Locating sets out to meet the needs of their clients…their friendliness and professionalism are greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend!

Imani P.

[My agent’s] energy was wonderful, and I had quite a few crises that she was able to help me navigate with such a positive attitude. I was able to find an apartment that I loved with a price they negotiated, and she was super supportive the entire time. I told my boyfriend to reach out to them as well, because she was always available and responded really quickly.

Haley M.
via Yelp!

The service in general is helpful, especially when you’re not from here. [My agent] was quick to respond and get things done. Seriously, cannot say enough great things about her and about the service.

Kathryn K.

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