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If the service is “free” how do you guys make money?

It’s totally free! We are paid a referral fee out of the apartment’s marketing budget. This doesn’t cause an increase in rent or fees for you either. When we say free, we mean FREE!

Why can’t I just get a list?

Because our agents don’t just generate a generic list for you, they provide a hyper-personalized and totally tailored list for you. If they give you that list weeks out from your tour date, by the time you’re actually ready to tour 99% of those options will have either leased or seen a price change. We do this to ensure the most accurate pricing and availability that works for your move-in timeframe!

Can you get me better pricing?

To put it simply, sort of.

We cannot negotiate pricing on individual, one-off units. However, we do have an amazing Property Relations team who works extra hard to negotiate better rates and exclusive deals on select apartments, in bulk. We ALWAYS post these exclusive, negotiated savings onto our Instagram channels, so be sure to check us out there.

Is an apartment locator a licensed real estate agent?

Yes! They have to be before they even step foot into training. This is the case across the state of Texas as well!

How do I make sure my locator gets credit for helping me?

Let the leasing agent know from the moment you walk in you’ve been working with a Smart City Locator. You need to also write your agent’s name and Smart City in the referral section of your paper application. If you are applying online, there is a section titled “How did you hear about us?” or “Referral source” there you must choose “Locator” or “Smart City Locating” from the drop-down menu.

Can you help me with my renewal?

Unfortunately we cannot, we can however try and beat your renewal if you share it with us and are serious about moving!

Can you direct me to a safe area/what is the safest part of town?

Since our agents are Licensed Real Estate Agents, we cannot discuss safety or demographic questions – however, based on your preferences as we get to know you, we would love to make sure you’re in or near areas that interest you!

Do you work with townhomes?

We work with lots of townhomes, as long as they are managed by a management company (similiar to an apartment.) We do not work with private rentals directly from a landlord.

Will my agent help me set up utilities and move-in services?

After helping you land your kick-ass new apartment, your agent will connect you with a member of our Connect team to assist you with your move-in checklist.  Just like your agent helped you explore options for apartments, your dedicated Relocation Specialist will help you navigate and land the best rates on your move-in services.

How much does Connect's assistance cost?

Working with a Relocation Specialist is just like our Apartment Locating service—totally free!

Do I have to be working with a Smart City agent to use the Connect service?

Nope—anyone who hasn’t already moved into their new place is welcome to work with Connect or use our affiliate links for discounts from our partners. Since our services are catered to the things you need to set up prior to moving in (electricity, movers, internet, renter’s insurance, etc), that’s when we are most helpful.

Can Connect negotiate my utility rates?

Connetc specializes in getting our clients connected with quality partners with competitive rates. We won’t be able to negotiate existing utility rates, but we can help you compare and find the best deals out there. Once you’ve selected your provider, we’ll even set up services for you—one less box to check off!

Do I get any deals or discounts for using Connect?

Duh! The majority of our partners offer discounts and special pricing just for our clients. Get the scoop on our current affiliates and services here.

When should I start touring?

It’s best to tour when you’re ready to make a decision, typically 45-60 days out from your move-in date. Pricing, specials and availability are subject to change every 24 hours, so if you tour and don’t jump on a unit you run the risk of the price jumping as well as losing out on look and lease specials!

When are the best deals available?

It really depends, we see a price jump in the summer months and first of the year typically, but there’s really no way to predict pricing so following us on social media is the best way to stay up to date on the best deals!

Can I get an apartment if i have bad credit/eviction/felonymisdemeanor?

For bad credit and misdemeanors: Your agent will dive deeper with you about the details about your credit or misdemeanor – depending on this, the options that accept these details might be limited, but if they are out there we will help you find them! For evictions and felonies: Most properties that work with us do not accept applicants with any felonies or evictions on their records.

What if I change my mind after I apply?

We totally get it! Sometimes things change. If that’s the case, your locator can talk through how you’re feeling with you and help you find something that feels right. In some cases this might mean you lose those application fees for your original unit, but when you’re talking about where you’ll live for a year, sometimes it washes out!

How much money do I need to make to qualify for an apartment?

Most properties require you to make 3 times the monthly rent as your gross income for the month (that’s before taxes!) For example: If the apartment costs $1300 per month, you’d need to bring in $3900 per month before taxes to qualify!

Does my roommate/partner have to be on the lease?

In the State of Texas, any occupant over the age of 18 residing in the unit must be listed on the lease.

What does a cosigner help with? What does a guarantor help with?

When it comes to apartments and rentals, both co-signers and guarantors can help you qualify – keeping in mind that they have a few key differences. A guarantor is an individual who takes on the financial responsibility of the apartment should the tenant default or fail to pay rent. Guarantors are not considered tenants and therefore not allowed to live in the unit. A cosigner is considered a tenant and can live in the apartment they cosign for. This also means the cosigner is immediately responsible for paying the rent and has the same liability for the unit that the primary renter has.

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