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The Best Apartment Locator Service in Houston, TX

Most Texas apartment locators, including those in Houston, take the shotgun approach to apartment hunting. They’ll provide you with an auto-generated list of a hundred properties that sort of match what you’re looking for. But Smart City prefers a more personal approach. Our 5-step DREAM process lets us cut through the noise and match you up with an apartment that you’re going to love.


The first thing we’ll do is pair you up with your own personal agent, a licensed real estate agent with a real working knowledge of the rental market in Houston. Your agent will ask you all the right questions and listen to your answers, all so they can fully understand what you’re looking for in an apartment, from your “gotta haves” to your wildest dreams.

“My agent listened to all of my needs and wants but somehow still knew the things I didn’t even know to ask about. They dig deep and know what I don’t know.”

Real Market Knowledge

All of our agents bring an impressive amount of insight, experience, and real market research to the table. Based on your wants and needs, your agent will spend a couple of hours curating a list of potential apartments for you.

“My agent found an awesome complex that had just been built within a few minutes of my job. I had no idea it even existed!”

Explore Options

At this point, your agent will go through the list with you and tweak it if necessary. The goal is to pare down the candidates until all that’s left is a short, hyper-personalized list of Houston apartments that check all of your boxes.

“My agent really keyed into the features I wanted in a new apartment. I couldn’t tell you how many times I changed my priorities, but she rolled with it and made sure I got what I wanted while staying in my budget!”

Active Touring

Next up are the apartment viewings. Now we understand these can really eat into your itinerary, so we’ll do everything possible to make it convenient for you. Your agent will call the properties that you’ve flagged as your favorites to arrange a touring schedule, in person or by video if that works better for you.

“My agent listened to all of my needs and wants but somehow still knew the things I didn’t even know to ask about. They dig deep and know what I know I don’t know.”


At this point, hopefully you’ll be ready to choose which apartment sparks the most joy in you. Your agent will stick with you through the application and approval process. And when moving day finally arrives, they’ll still be there to help out with the cable, electricity, and other utilities.

“I just moved into my apartment and despite it being a month since we last spoke, my agent still reached out to check on how I was doing on move-in day!”

Exclusive Smart City Connect services

Once our apartment locators have found you the perfect apartment, our Connect team takes care of the rest! From hooking you up with the best utility rate and renter insurance policies to finding a trusted moving service*, we’ll do the heavy lifting when it comes to all things moving & renting – so you don’t have to.

“Having the Connect Team at Smart City followup with me after I signed my lease was a literal dream! I can’t say enough about this team and how they went above and beyond to help my move go smoothly!”

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