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Local artist teams up with Smart City Locating to create custom mural in Austin, TX

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Lacy H.
Jun 22, 2021

Austin’s best apartment Locating service, Smart City, shows off a colorful display of branding and pursuit with their first mural in the capital city. Located on the SW wall of their office warehouse in south Austin’s mixed-use development, The Yard, the art piece pays homage to Smart City’s mission of connecting people with the space to be themselves.

“Everything we do as a company is intended to be a step toward achieving our mission, whether that’s finding someone their dream apartment or creating a badass work environment dedicated to personal and professional growth” says CEO and Founder, Cassie Brown.

When planning the project, Smart City’s marketing team was determined to find an artist capable of creating a piece that would represent the brand’s mission while also capturing the energy of the city; enter local artist, Tara Johnston.

“The mural needed to be welcoming, lively, and colorful just like Austin,” says Marketing Projects Specialist, Eliza Parker “and we’re glad Tara was able to throw some cacti into the mix for good measure.”

Johnston specializes in bright, playful murals and hand lettering with clients all over the city, including Still Austin Whiskey Co. and Facebook. Ultimately, Johnston was able to bring Smart City’s company message to life through a Southwestern-inspired mural with the words “a space to be yourself” painted over a sun-like background with a collection of various cacti framing the bottom.

The mural can be seen in person at 506 E St Elmo Rd Ste. A-1, Austin, TX 78745, or online at

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