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What Its Known For

Home of the Alamo and San Antonio River Walk, the two most popular tourist attractions in the city
The business and leisure district mixing history, cuisine and culture.


Geared toward renters with the highest concentration of apartment properties
Accommodating to cyclists and pedestrians with high walk scores and bike lanes on major streets
Tons of shopping, dining, events and entertainment


Major tourist destination increasing traffic and noise levels, and limiting parking
Increased rental rates

Downtown is the heart of San Antonio and home to some of the best dining, drinking, and cultural experiences to be had in the city. It offers residents an authentic urban experience and promises to deliver plenty of walkable favorites from whichever of the Downtown San Antonio Apartments you choose. And with a renter-focused market, you’ll have plenty of options.


Roughly 70% of the apartments in Downtown San Antonio are occupied by renters, making it one of the highest concentrations in the city. The plus side is a variety of options, fitting everything from studio budgets to luxury high-rise living. Downsides might mean higher rates or option overload.


If you don’t want to waste your time scrolling through endless pages of listings, taking a customized approach to apartment locating in Downtown San Antonio can get you in your perfect home much quicker.


Downtown San Antonio Neighborhood Overview


San Antonio, named after Saint Anthony of Padua by Spanish explorers, has a rich history dating back to 1691, and most of it had its beginnings in what is now known as Downtown. Home to many historical landmarks, such as The Alamo, the center of the infamous Battle of the Alamo and Texas’ first UNESCO World Heritage Site—along with modern shopping and dining— help to tell the ever-evolving story that residents and tourists continue to fall in love with.

You’ll also find lots of pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and bike paths to make life easier and safer for residents and visitors. Renters moving to San Antonio should also consider that, like other city centers, tourists can overwhelm the downtown neighborhood during high season.

Things to Do Around Downtown San Antonio


As noted, Downtown San Antonio is a hotbed for tourists, which can mean a temporary influx of people and traffic. But it also means that there is an abundance of things to do, see, taste, and experience—and you can do so by foot, bicycle, or even boat!

The River Walk San Antonio TX is one of the most famous destinations, which offers everything from boat rides and history lessons to a delicious variety of bistros, bars, and coffee shops. As a resident, you’ll find refuge from the crowds in some of the nearby local favorites, like Taco Haven downtown or Tito’s on South Alamo.

You can also feed your hunger for history, knowledge, and culture with easy access to The Alamo, San Fernando Cathedral, The San Antonio Museum of Art, the Historic Marketplace, and the collection of museums lined along King Williams Street. You’ll want to mark your calendars for the endless River Walk events and latest Broadway shows and concerts hosted at the Majestic Theatre. Finally, take a trip up the 750-foot Tower of the Americas to get a full view of San Antonio and all it has to offer.

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You'll never run out of things to do here! Strolling the Riverwalk, visiting museums, markets, or The Alamo, trying new and classic restaurants--there's something for everyone in Downtown SA.

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