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What It's Known For

Lots of new properties that are relatively affordable compared to the rest of the city!
A good mix of urban and suburban areas, with tons of grocery stores and shopping centers.


Tons of local coffee spots, restaurants, and bars (that may not have a super long wait!)
Lots of brand new apartments
One of the last areas where you get the "old Austin vibe"
Access to many trails and parks


Traffic heading into town
Lots of construction due to growth

South Austin is a world all its own. This unique community is home to natural beauty and a diverse, progressive population. As soon as you cross Lady Bird Lake – the stretch of the Colorado River that divides the city – you’ve hit South Austin. Leaving the high rises of downtown safely in your rearview, enter a part of town that is all about having fun, taking it easy and keeping it weird.

South Austin is home to the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse. The Drafthouse – a revolution in movie going – is not only a theater but a fully functioning restaurant and bar as well. Order freshly made pizzas and local beers and enjoy the latest blockbuster. On Thursday nights head to the Drafthouse for Terror Thursday and enjoy cult classics and food specials.

If you are searching for an Austin neighborhood that is nice, quiet, and overall a bang for your buck, South Austin is the ideal neighborhood for you. Living in South Austin grants easy access to shopping and dining at Southpark Meadows, with over 90 stores and a movie theater! Apartments near Southpark Meadows are super walkable and convenient to I-35. South Austin is also home to the popular Moontower Saloon, a chill dog-friendly bar with a large outdoor patio that often hosts live music and food trucks! This place is the perf hangout spot for you and your pup so you don’t have to feel sorry for them being stuck at home. Mary Moore Searight Park is also an awesome place in South Austin, covering over 340 acres with hike/bike trails, horseback riding, grilling, and disc golf! This is definitely a cool place for adventures and fun outdoors.

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Super green with lots of trees, affordable, and still has the old Austin vibe!

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