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Bishop Arts Kessler Park luxury apartment kitchen
Bishop Arts Kessler Park luxury apartment kitchen
Bishop Arts Kessler Park luxury apartment bathroom

What Its Known For

Where "local" and "independent" remain supreme, Bishop Arts is Dallas' premiere creative community located on the west side of town serving up historic, Oak Cliff charm.
Over 60 independent boutiques, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and art galleries, make this one of the most unique neighborhoods in the city.


Creative paradise: impactful street art, cozy book shops, eclectic dining, street performers and sidewalk shows
History, trees, parks and overall quirkiness create a welcoming small town feel


Highly sought after area, resulting in higher rental rates
Limited parking
Lack of grocery stores

Living in Bishop Arts / Kessler Park

Living in Bishop Arts is a great way to enjoy Dallas without having to live downtown, and Smart City Locating is here to make sure you find your dream apartment in this great neighborhood. Not only is it a hot spot for top-rated restaurants with various cuisines, but it is also easily the most “local” area in the city. Bishop Arts is an eclectic, art-driven community that is focused on empowering local businesses, providing an outlet for the area’s artists and supporting community growth. Take a walk from your apartment down North Bishop Avenue for local shopping, art galleries, popular eateries, and off-the-wall knickknack stores!

Let’s talk food. Bishop Arts restaurants are regularly rated some of the BEST in Dallas. First, one of the most important food groups: pie. Bishop Arts neighborhood is home to Emporium Pies, a tiny little house that bakes some of the most delicious pies known to man. Also, The Dallas Grilled Cheese Company is life. Anything cheese-themed and we’re on board. If you’re looking for something fancier, try Boulevardier. Brunch vibes? Odd Fellows.

If you’re looking to catch a show, the Kessler Theater has been in business since 1946 and doubles as a haven for local performing arts, as well as an indie music showcase. The Bishop Arts neighborhood is also home to some rockin’ annual events like the Urban Street Bazaar, a modern maker’s fair for Dallas-made craft finds, or Brew Riot, where teams can compete to see who has the best home-brewed beer in the area! Living in Bishop Arts apartments put you right next to all the nearby happenings.

With over 60 independently owned shops, restaurants, and boutiques, Bishop Arts is fastly becoming the most independent neighborhood in Dallas. If you’re looking for brand new Bishop Arts apartments, Smart City Apartment Locating has ‘em. Whether you’re looking for the most eclectic of candle shops (check out Society by Jackson Vaughn) or a unique outfit – Bishop Arts is the place to be!

Finding Your Dream Place in Bishop Arts / Kessler Park

If you’re looking to call this indie neighborhood your own, then let Smart City Locating lend a helping hand. There’s a lot of hassle involved in apartment hunting. Whether you’re looking up websites, scouring buildings for “For Rent” signs, or begging your friends to be on the lookout for a great place, the search takes a lot of time and effort. That is, unless you enlist the team at Smart City.

For the inside track on the best apartments in the Bishop Arts and Kessler Park neighborhoods, our agents are on it. Maybe you’re looking for something brand spanking new. Or, maybe you’d like something with a little more history and character. Whatever floats your boat, we take the time to listen to everything you want and then go to work finding you some great options.

The best part? We do all that work, and you don’t pay us anything. Not a cent. Why? Because once you list us as your referral when you sign your application at your new Kessler Park apartment, we get paid from the property’s marketing budget. Everyone is happy!

Search our selections of Bishop Arts and Kessler Park neighborhood apartments below. And if you don’t find anything that suits you, hit us up. Call, text or fill out our online form. We’re waiting to hear from you right now.

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