Washington Ave / Rice Military

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Public Transportation


What Its Known For

A vibrant nightlife.
It's also close to the bayou and Memorial Park.
Amazing selection of dive bars & night clubs!


Nestled between Memorial Park and the bayou for outdoor options
Amazing brunch and good eats everywhere
Central location


Can get loud
Super packed on the weekends
Street parking sucks

Two words: Sunday Funday. Whether that means brunching into the afternoon or going on a bike ride and meeting your friends for sand volleyball, this neighborhood is where you go to let loose! With the heart of Buffalo Bayou Park at your fingertips you and your bike can go to town. No, literally, the park goes straight into downtown. Okay, bad joke, moving on. With 124 acres of green space and spectacular views of Downtown Houston, you’ll be painting your friends green with envy with each Instagram of how your weekend is going. Don’t forget your pup because Buffalo Bayou has a huge dog park for both big and small dogs! You know where else you can take your dogs? Bars. Washington Corridor has tons of nightlife appeal with bars like Kung Fu, Concrete Cowboy, Lincoln Bar and tons more to choose from. The other side of the Sunday Funday coin here can be found by starting brunch at Beaver’s with one of their wasabi Bloody Mary’s, then keeping things going at Clutch, Max’s Wine Dive, or Porch Swing Pub!

If you’re new here, we can alleviate the confusion of Rice Village/Rice University and Rice Military. The former are in reference to the University and it’s surrounding areas and the latter, a reference to the family who used to own the Rice Military area which actually used to be a World War I Army training camp. Bet you didn’t expect a history lesson out of us today, did you? The apartments in this area have some of the best pools in Houston for having a great time, one of them even has a its own putt-putt course! Whether you want to be close to the bars or close to the Bayou, this neighborhood has it all.

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Close to the trails and its easy to get everywhere! And the new HEB thats opening up... can't wait to check that out. For me, it's the perfect neighborhood. You're close to the hustle and bustle and the conveniences of the city while still having the neighborhood feel.

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