Stepping out of Texas for the first time, Smart City launches services in Denver, CO

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Lacy H.
May 15, 2020

Smart City Locating, a free personalized apartment finding service, has expanded past its home state of Texas and into the rocky West by launching services in Denver, Colorado early last week. Denver is Smart City’s fifth operating city and quite possibly the hardest to make work with the company’s current business model, according to the Director of New Market Sales, Michael Wagnon.

“Our Denver initiative is really exciting because we know there are a ton of people here who can use our help,” says Wagnon. “It’s a challenging dynamic because despite there being large numbers of people relocating to the city and apartments being built, very few properties currently work with apartment locators. This means that right now our biggest focus is to show Denver how we provide value to multifamily properties and owners as well as renters.”

So far, support from the Denver community has been surprisingly high. Since launching services just last week, Smart City has already begun to help over 200 people find their next Denver apartment.

To see what the Smart City team is up to and/or recent apartment deals, scroll through the Denver Instagram account, @SmartCityDenver, or visit the website to become a client.

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