Energy Corridor

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Houston Energy Corridor Apartments
Houston Energy Corridor Apartments
Houston Energy Corridor Apartments

What Its Known For

Energy Corridor got its name from the booming oil and gas corporations taking root here.
The area is also lush with lots of green space and large parks.
Surrounded 26,000 acres of public park.


Good housing prices
Mid-way point between downtown and Katy suburb
Lots of newer construction


Outside the loop, which means a longer commute into the city
Pretty low on walkability score
Not a lot of entertainment options

Shoutout to all of our oil and gas peeps! Home to the nation’s largest energy companies, Energy Corridor is a lot more than meets the eye to the everyday commuter! Located in West Houston next to Memorial, Energy Corridor is a a consistent resource for lower pricing for newer properties in comparison to the properties inside of the Loop! The apartments in this area aren’t just for our clients who are wanting to stay close to their work, it can also work perfectly for someone who is looking to save money on rent and is open to commuting to work! The price per square foot is typically lower in this area once move-in specials are factored into the rent, making this neighborhood a huge money-saver for our clients who don’t want to sacrifice the quality of apartment they are looking for! It is a bit of a ways out from the central neighborhoods, but can save you hundreds of dollars for what the same apartment would cost Downtown. Energy Corridor is also home to Houston’s ONLY Top Golf—throw your coworkers in a group text and get that Top Golf day planned out, pretty much everyone is always down for activities that involve drinking beer and fake sports. We love the variety out here, especially when it keeps more money in our client’s pocket!

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It's far but it's lit. It's a bit of a drive from central Houston, but if you're willing to compromise on location, there's a lot to see in the area.

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