Downtown Houston

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Downtown Houston Apartment
Downtown Houston Apartment
Downtown Houston Apartment

What Its Known For

Downtown Houston is literally the "heart" of the city.
It is the center of business, sports & performance arts.
Also the home to 9 different Fortune 500 corporations. Color us impressed!


Multitude of restaurant options like Shake Shack, Local Foods, Finn Hall and more
Gorgeous view over Houston
Great walkability


Traffic and confusing roads (lots of one-way streets)
High noise level
Parking can be tough to find

Downtown Houston has developed a solid social presence and we are majorly digging it. Downtown is a harmonious blend of new bars and restaurants with vintage spaces turned into trendy spots everyone’s dying to get into! This neighborhood has become an approachably cool place to hang out. On any given weekend your best bet is to start at Hearsay Gastro Lounge for brunch with a beautiful exposed brick wall backdrop and dramatically high ceilings. Did we mention they have a chandelier the size of like two people? This scene is a crowd pleaser for sure. From there, hop on over to Market Square Park or Discovery Green to walk off those chicken and waffles!

Be sure to check out Saint Arnold Brewing Company, the oldest craft brewery in Texas! They brew 10 different beers and are sold all around Houston! The next time you want to see a movie, skip the traffic-filled drive to the Galleria to see a movie at Sundance Cinema next to Bluefish! Downtown is becoming a one-stop shop for everything you thought you had to drive 15 minutes away for! Downtown Nightlife is top notch, there is a certain energy to the streets on a Saturday night with such a dense concentration of places you’ll want to try! Pastry Wars, Dean’s, Little Dipper, Moonshiner’s, Live Sports Bar and Grill, Nightingale…the list goes on and on! Historic spaces turned into bars are our jam and places like Commoner and Houston Watch Co. hit the spot.

The apartments in Downtown Houston range from an old hotel where JFK stayed the night before he died, to some of the most fabulous high rises in the city! If you can snag an apartment that has access to a rooftop view you won’t regret it, Houston’s skyline is huge and something about watching the sun set on the reflection of these buildings will make you fall in love with Houston more and more everyday.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our friends say!

Downtown has an energy that no other part of the city has. I love the walkability.. what's better than having 50+ restaurants in my backyard?

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