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Midtown Houston Apartment
Midtown Houston Apartment
Midtown Houston Apartment

What Its Known For

Located right between Downtown and the Museum District.
Amazing restaurants, shopping options and nightlife.
If you're an art lover, you need to check out MATCH.


Easy access highways & public transportation
Great walkability
Tons of options for food, entertainment and bars


Can be loud at night and weekends
Definitely Houston's party central
Inflated pricing for housing

This neighborhood sits just Southwest of Downtown Houston, this neighborhood is perfect for the Houstonian who works downtown and wants to get away but not too far. With tons of bars and restaurants to walk to nearby, Midtown never leaves us hanging on having a good time. Not only is it perfect for the Downtown commuter, but those who work in the Medical Center as well! Midtown is located right off of Hwy 59 for easy access to the Med Center!

With bars like Pub Fiction and Irish Cowboy it’s easy to severe ties with your workday because patios cure everything, right? Now as for the weekends, Midtown doesn’t need a lesson in how to brunch and how to brunch well. Belle Station hits all the right notes with frosé (let’s not pretend we don’t all deep down crave frozen rosé in the summertime), Crab Cake Benny, and then Beignets for dessert. So we pretty much have your weekend covered, but let’s talk about your weeknights in Midtown! Front Porch Pub will be your new go-to with themed Trivia nights. Have you ever thought to yourself, “self, when could I possibly put all of my Friends knowledge to the test in a competitive nature with all of my friends?”, well this is your answer! Show them what’s up, then enjoy your short walk home to handful of apartments we love in Midtown!

Last but certainly not least, we love Midtown for how compact this little neighborhood is. You have two Starbucks, a Chipotle, two CVS’s, a Walgreens and literally anything else you could need in your day-to-day life. Allergy season? Boom, drugstore right there. Feeling basic and wanting a Pumpkin Spice Latte? Boom, Starbucks right there. Chipotle is life? Boom, burrito bowls right there. Be sure to take a selfie in front of the cute Midtown sign to rep your neighborhood!

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One of the most walkable parts of Houston. Definitely check out the nightlife.

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